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Judge: Taxpayer Money Can Be Used to Fund Church Renovations in Morris County, New Jersey

Should taxpayer dollars be used to help repair or maintain churches? In New Jersey, the answer is now “Yes.” A judge said last week that more than $5.5 million in “historic preservation grants” given to churches over the past five years by officials in Morris County were legal because they didn’t directly promote faith.


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After Comedian Refers to Communion As “Haunted Bread,” Priest Files Complaint with Irish Government

A comedian mocked the Catholic concept of communion — in which worshipers believe they are eating the actual body of Christ — on a recent episode of the Late Late Show on Ireland’s RTÉ television. In a nation where blasphemy laws still exist, priests aren’t handling the humor very well.


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Adult Film Star Kim Holland Apologizes After Shooting Scene Inside of Church Without Permission

Of all the sacrilegious things atheists could do in a church, I tend to draw a line at anything that gets in the way of those who are peacefully worshiping.

You swallow a communion wafer despite not being Catholic? Doesn’t really bug me.

Shooting a porn scene near the confessional booth? Too far.

Adult film star Kim Holland

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“Exorcist” Bob Larson Repeatedly Touches Deranged Man with a Bible to “Cure” Him in This Video

Self-described exorcist Bob Larson works on his toughest demon yet in this Vic Berger supercut.


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Podcast Ep. 144: Rebecca Hensler, Founder of Grief Beyond Belief

Our latest podcast guest is Rebecca Hensler, the founder of Grief Beyond Belief, a Facebook group devoted to faith-free grief support for those who have just lost a loved one.


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