Rick Warren Tells Staff Not to Follow Atheists on Twitter

Apparently, the megachurch pastor told his staff yesterday not to follow people like us: Some of you (and some of our church accounts -like our 12 cities accounts) are following people on Twitter that you should NOT be following. I frequently notice that often atheists, critics of saddleback, and mean-spirited or vulgar accounts often have [Read More...]

The Solution to Homosexuality

Yep, banning straight sex should do it. Where are the petitions from all those homophobic Christian groups?! (via god and son) [Read more...]

The Summer Camp Rules for a Fundamentalist Jewish Sect

In response to the posting about the ridiculously strict rules at Bob Jones University, a reader sent me a “Guide for a Yiddishe Summer Experience” (PDF) — basically the summer camp rulebook for an ultra-orthodox group of Hasidic Jews. Check out these bits… That last bit is the scariest. 1 guy, 1 girl in a [Read More...]

Australia’s Supreme Court Rules That Government Cannot Fund School Chaplaincy Program

Ron Williams wanted his children to attend a secular school in Australia, so you can imagine his surprise when his children told him they were attending “assemblies where the chaplain presided and a rap song was played extolling the virtues of chaplains over teachers as adults kids could trust.” As it turned out, it was [Read More...]