Surprise! Louisiana’s Creationism Law Has Let Creationism Sneak Into Public Schools… and There’s Proof

Last year, Slate‘s Chris Kirk showed us a map documenting where taxpayer money can legally be used to espouse Creationism, whether through charter schools or public schools:

Oh, Louisiana…

Zack Kopplin says that this is still a major problem in his home state and he can prove it.

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Swiss Native, Stonewalled by Mormon Church, Wants to Know Why His Ancestor Was Posthumously Baptized

Nicolas Ulmer, who lives in Switzerland, was doing some research about his ancestors and realized that one of them was baptized as a Mormon after his death… even though he had nothing to do with the Church. (It was big news a few years ago when people found out Mormons conducted “posthumous proxy baptisms” on Holocaust victims to give them a chance to be “saved,” a practice the Church says it stopped in 1995.)

Since the Mormon Church won’t answer Ulmer’s questions, he wrote a letter to the editor, now published on the Salt Lake Tribune‘s website:

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11 Lies from a Christian Author’s 1978 Book About the Problems with Homosexuality

Last year, for some reason I still can’t remember, I came across a book called The Unhappy Gays by Tim LaHaye (who later wrote the Left Behind series).

Imagine all the hateful, horrible things conservative Christians say about gay people today… and then imagine how much worse it was in 1978. That’s what’s in this book.

Over the weekend, I finally read through the whole thing… and I’m ready to bang my head against a wall now.

Here’s a sneak peek at the wisdom you’ll acquire if get the book. (I’m limiting it to 11 items only to protect my own sanity.)

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A Twist on the Heavenly Tourism Genre…

I would read this guy’s book: Friend, do you have doubts in your heart about the afterlife? Have you ever wondered if heaven is a real place? I myself had questions like these once, but a near-death experience erased my doubts forever. Why? Because during those few minutes when my heart stopped and the doctors [Read More…]

Christian Auto Shop Owner Says He Won’t Serve Openly Gay Clients in Order to Protect Children

Days after Grandville (Michigan) auto repair shop owner Brian Klawiter said on Facebook that he wouldn’t serve gay customers, he’s showing no signs of regret. Instead, he’s making things even worse for himself with his latest post:

The ignorance is strong in this one…

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