Can’t Turn Off Your Lights on the Sabbath? No Problem. Just Ask the Local Police to Do It For You

Lakewood, New Jersey is home to about 60,000 Orthodox Jews who take the “resting on Sabbath Day” rule very seriously. That means, among other things, that they don’t use modern technology between Friday evening and Saturday evening.

So what happens when they need to turn off the lights or drive to get some groceries?

They’re enlisting the help of local law enforcement:

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They Must Sing These Songs at Camp Quest

If you ignore the fact that comedian Tim Hawkins doesn’t understand what the Sunday Assembly is, or why we accept evolution, or how atheists think, I suppose his roundup of atheist kids’ songs is pretty funny:

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Atheist Bus Ads Go Up in Washington State

The newly-formed Mid-Columbia Coalition of Reason just announced the purchase of six king-size ads on the sides of Ben Franklin Transit buses in order to introduce themselves to the locals:

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In Idaho, Parents Who Commit Faith-Based Homicide Are Immune from Prosecution

We’ve heard the stories of those poor children in Oregon who died after their parents, on account of their religious faith, refused to take them to doctors. The kids died from preventable causes because their health was put in God’s hands instead of the care of those who knew what they were doing. (And who actually existed.)

15-month-old Ava Worthington. 16-year-old Neil Beagley. 8-month-old Alayna May Wyland. 9-hour-old David Hickman died that way.

Last year, thanks to a report by KATU reporter Dan Tilkin (below), we learned that things were even worse in neighboring Idaho.

Shane Dixon Kavanaugh at Vocativ has gone even more in depth as to what’s happening there. It’s incredibly disappointing:

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There’s No Reason to Deny This High School Student Her Christian Club

At Wantagh High School in New York, a student says the principal is denying her attempt to form a Christian club:

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