The Summer Camp Rules for a Fundamentalist Jewish Sect

In response to the posting about the ridiculously strict rules at Bob Jones University, a reader sent me a “Guide for a Yiddishe Summer Experience” (PDF) — basically the summer camp rulebook for an ultra-orthodox group of Hasidic Jews. Check out these bits… That last bit is the scariest. 1 guy, 1 girl in a [Read More...]

Australia’s Supreme Court Rules That Government Cannot Fund School Chaplaincy Program

Ron Williams wanted his children to attend a secular school in Australia, so you can imagine his surprise when his children told him they were attending “assemblies where the chaplain presided and a rap song was played extolling the virtues of chaplains over teachers as adults kids could trust.” As it turned out, it was [Read More...]

Colorado Secular Conference Takes Place in July

If you’re near Colorado, you’ll want to make plans to attend the first ever Colorado Secular Conference this July — it’s free and it’s on a weekend! Our goal is to allow secular people from around the region to meet one another, share ideas, and to learn from several different speakers on a variety of [Read More...]

How Did Mike Discover the ‘Ain’t No Homos Gonna Make It to Heaven’ Church?

Remember the video of the four-year-old boy singing “Ain’t no homos gonna make it to heaven”? Initially, when the video was posted, no one knew which church that was. A guy named Mike figured it out, though. The most amazing part about it? Anyone with basic Internet-stalking skills could’ve done it. Morgan Watkins of The [Read More...]

In a Town Full of Christians, Holding a ‘Lottery’ to Decide on a Holiday Display Isn’t Right

You would think officials from Ellwood City (in Pennsylvania) would have learned their lesson by now… Last year, they allowed a Nativity Scene — and nothing else — to be displayed in the Municipal Building. It was a clear endorsement of Christianity. When they started to see legal challenges come their way, they allowed other [Read More...]