Turkey’s Government is Building Mosques on College Campuses, So Students Are Demanding Jedi Temples, Too

Last month, Istanbul Technical University announced it would build a mosque on campus to accommodate Muslim students. But now non-Muslims are speaking out and it’s glorious :)

One Change.org petition called for a Buddhist temple to go up at the school:

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If Scientology Ever Needs a New Celebrity Spokesperson…

Last night, Daniel Tosh made his pitch to become Scientology’s next pitchman:

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How Do Our Behaviors Evolve Into Instincts?

For Darwin Day, Richard Dawkins answered questions about evolution for his viewers. The latest one discusses how learned behavior evolves into inherited instinct:

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A Helpful Guide to Coming Out as an Atheist When You’re African-American

A few months ago, Openly Secular released a guide to surviving the holidays as an atheist. Now they’ve followed that up with a helpful guide to coming out as an atheist when you’re African-American.

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Atheist Ireland “Publicly Dissociates” from Blogger PZ Myers

Well, this is different.

Atheist Ireland, a group that’s best known (to me, anyway) for working to repeal the nation’s blasphemy law, has issued a formal denouncement of blogger PZ Myers.

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