#DarwinWasWrongDay Campaign Backfires on Creationists

Creationist Ken Ham is furious that the U.S. Congress may pass Darwin Day resolutions in the House and Senate, not to mention a couple of states.

So instead of celebrating Darwin Day, he has a different idea:

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Lawsuit Alleges That Georgia Teacher Told Child Not to Listen To His Mother Because She Doesn’t Believe in God

According to a damning new lawsuit from the Freedom From Religion Foundation, officials at Swainsboro Primary School (in Georgia) not only had children praying to the Christian God, they effectively punished the children of atheist parents by removing them from the classroom as these prayers occurred.

The plaintiffs are anonymous in the lawsuit but the children are going by the names “Jamie” and “Jesse”:

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Progressive Mormon Excommunicated After Asking Tough Questions About the Faith and Its Leadership

Last month, we learned that the Mormon Church had moved to excommunicate progressive Mormon podcaster John P. Dehlin because he supported, among other things, marriage equality and the ordination of women. (Heresy!)

They’ve finally taken action, kicking Dehlin out of the church for good (unless, I suppose, he recants his opinions):

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Arizona State Representative Introduces International Darwin Day Resolution

The Darwin Day accolades keep rolling in. We’ve seen resolutions honoring the great scientist in the U.S. House and Senate. Delaware’s governor issued a proclamation, too.

Now, Arizona State Rep. Andrew C. Sherwood (below) has introduced a resolution (HR 2002) declaring February 12, 2015 “International Darwin Day”:

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I Suppose Unvaccinated Children Could Attend Daycare if They Were All Like This One…

Conan O’Brien introduces us to a daycare center that allows unvaccinated kids to interact with vaccinated ones.

They just take a few small precautions:

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