Irish Atheist Exposes Jury Duty Loophole After Getting Ordained as Pastafarian Minister

Ireland allows religious leaders (priests, ministers, etc.) to get out of jury duty because, the reasoning goes, their congregations need them at all times. It’s a convenient excuse that privileges those leaders over teachers, CEOs, parents, and other indispensable people who don’t necessarily have ties to a faith but who can’t risk the €500 fine that comes from avoiding their civic responsibility.

So atheist Emmett Vaughan (below) decided to test the exemption. He became a minister of the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster and requested a ministerial exemption when he replied to his summons.

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Another Compilation of Lawrence Krauss’ Best Arguments and Retorts

Even more great stuff in this compilation of physicist Lawrence Kraussbest arguments and retorts:

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College Atheist Group Erects Signs on Campus with Thought-Provoking Questions

Yesterday, the Atheists, Humanists, and Agnostics at the University of Wisconsin — Madison put up a bunch of signs on campus hoping to start some conversations. It was all part of Ask An Atheist Day:

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In Canada, Government Prayer Ban is Already Being Tested

A couple of days ago, the Canadian Supreme Court ruled that the city of Saguenay in Quebec could not have Catholic prayers at meetings (as was tradition). While the decision was a welcome one, it was also narrow, applying only to Saguenay. What about other cities with religious invocations?

Well, one mayor is already testing the law by saying he ain’t getting rid of his prayers:

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After Teenager is Killed in Shooting, Local Sheriff Blames Lack of God and Prayer in Schools

14-year-old DezJuan Sanders was killed in a shooting earlier this week in Elkhart, Indiana. It’s a devastating loss that’s rattled the community, and on Wednesday, citizens had a chance to ask questions to community leaders.

While some local officials talked about the need for parents to watch their children more closely and lock up any guns, Elkhart County Sheriff Brad Rogers (below) put the blame somewhere else entirely:

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