A Fellow Atheist Blogger Has Converted to Catholicism

Leah Libresco, who also blogs on Patheos’ Atheism channel and had put together the Ideological Turing Test, made a bit of a surprise announcement this morning: She’s converting to Catholicism. I believed that the Moral Law wasn’t just a Platonic truth, abstract and distant. It turns out I actually believed it was some kind of [Read More...]

New York Times Columnist: If You Don’t Fully Support the Catholic Church, Just Leave it

Bill Donohue of the Catholic League has a new book out — Why Catholicism Matters — and Bill Keller of the New York Times agrees with him (!!!) when it comes to how to handle the Catholics who don’t buy into everything the Church hierarchy dictates: Let them go: Donohue notes that roughly a quarter [Read More...]

When Mixed Martial Arts Meets the Bible

Fight Church: A documentary about… um… when Jesus beat up the bad guys: Related: Last year, a man died in an unsanctioned boxing match sponsored by an Oklahoma church. The same church gives out weekly awards for the high school football player who has the biggest hit of the game. For Jesus. (via Christian Nightmares) [Read more...]

Is It Possible to Raise Children Who Think Rationally?

Definitely a concern for atheist parents. Julia Galef, co-host of the Rationally Speaking podcast, talks about what parents can do to raise children who ask questions and think critically: Got any additional advice to add? [Read more...]

The High School Student Who Didn’t Stand for the Pledge Tells Her Side of the Story

Chelsea Stanton is the student from Collingswood High School (New Jersey) who didn’t stand for the Pledge of Allegiance. Her district’s code of conduct required all students to stand during the Pledge, but because of Chelsea’s activism, they’re going to change that. Now, Chelsea has put up a YouTube video explaining her side of the [Read More...]