A Year After Uncovering Several Church/State Violations at His School, a Student is Suing His Former District

Last year, Isaiah Smith graduated from high school after exposing all sorts of religious violations at his school.

For example, after getting bullied for being gay, Isaiah brought a Bible to school to show his classmates why the verses they cited didn’t actually condemn gay people. In the process, he ripped out the pages from Leviticus.

That caused Birdville High School Assistant Principal Glenn Serviente to pull Isaiah from class and warn him that he must not cause a “disruption” by ripping the Bible. (I guess the bullies were not seen as disruptive…?) Isaiah promised not to rip it up any more, but asked for (and received) permission to continue carrying that Bible with him.

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Saudi Arabia Has Posted Job Openings for Eight New Executioners to Carry Out Beheadings

If you support Sharia Law and you really need a government job, Saudi Arabia has you covered. The Ministry of Civil Service just posted eight openings for executioners:

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Jerry Coyne’s New Book Explains Why Science and Religion Can’t Go Together

Are science and religion compatible? Stephen Jay Gould famously wrote that they were separate ideas, calling them “non-overlapping magisteria.”

The problem with that characterization is that religion, all too often, makes claims that are easily rejected by science: Miracles, resurrection, Young Earth Creationism, etc. These two worlds cross paths all the time — and science is always the winner.

Jerry Coyne‘s new book offers an expanded rejection of Gould’s theory. It’s called Faith Versus Fact: Why Science and Religion Are Incompatible (Viking, 2015).

In the excerpt below, Coyne lays out the major differences between the “magisteria”:

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In Commencement Address, Author Ian McEwan Defends Free Speech on Campus, Even if You Disagree With It

In his commencement address on Sunday at Dickinson College, English novelist Ian McEwan spoke about the importance of free speech and not censoring or running away from ideas we don’t agree with.

It’s a pressing issue on many campuses these days, with “safe spaces” and trigger warnings and protests against critics of religion (like Ayaan Hirsi Ali and Bill Maher), and McEwan words couldn’t have come at a better time. His comments referenced Christopher Hitchens, the recent PEN Awards, and Charlie Hebdo.

Please take some time to listen to it:

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Charlie Hebdo Cartoonist Says He’ll Be Leaving the Publication in September: It’s Too Much to Bear

Rénald Luzier (below), better known as Luz, is one of the (remaining) cartoonists for Charlie Hebdo.

According to news reports, he avoided the same fate as his colleagues because he overslept and was late to work the day they were massacred. It’s fitting, then, that he illustrated the cover of the first issue following the attacks:

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