Registration for Skepticon 7 Is Now Open

The free, massive, amazing Skepticon conference in Springfield, Missouri takes place November 21-23, and registration is now open! (You’ll want to sign up before all the seats fill up, even though there’s no cost.)

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Always Bring a Smartphone to a Church Service

Bob Smietana recently went to church and did what so many atheists I know have done while sitting in the pews: He doubted something the pastor said and decided to look up the truth right then and there:

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I Made a Big Life Decision the Other Day…

I posted a version of this on my Facebook page yesterday and wanted to share it with readers here, especially those who have been with me since the eBay days.

For the past seven years, I’ve taught at a fantastic high school and coached the most talented students you’ll ever meet on our Speech Team. During that time, my other interests also took off. My website, with the help of Patheos, got much bigger than I ever expected. I helped launch a non-profit that is doing incredible work. I wrote my second book and want to explore that world even more. I began filming videos for what has become a popular YouTube channel. And while I’ve said no to several other projects for the sake of time, it’s come to the point where I can’t juggle everything anymore. Something has to give.

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So What if Atheist TV Doesn’t Have Original Programming?

Salon‘s Mary Elizabeth Williams throws some cold water on Atheist TV:

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Microscope Technician Claims in Lawsuit That He Was Fired for Being a Creationist

In 2009, Mark Armitage (below) was offered a part-time position as an Electron Microscopy Technician at California State University Northridge. It wasn’t a teaching position or anything, so the fact that he was a Creationist (and said as much during his interview) seemed irrelevant.

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