Lawyer Defending Creationist Theme Park Wants to Draft a Bill Allowing for Religious Discrimination in Louisiana

We know that Creationist Ken Ham‘s Answers in Genesis is currently suing the state of Kentucky because he wrongly thinks his for-profit company can limit its hiring to Christians only. Earlier this year, he even posted a video that featured a lawyer defending his right to discriminate:

That lawyer is Mike Johnson, who also happens to serve in the Louisiana House of Representatives.

And that same Mike Johnson is working on a bill that, similar to its predecessors in Indiana and Arkansas, would allow people to deny service to LGBT individuals on the basis of “religious freedom”:

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Discrimination Against Atheists is Now Officially Illegal in Madison, Wisconsin

Madison, Wisconsin just became the first city in the nation to add atheists to the list of protected groups in an expanded anti-discrimination bill. The city council voted unanimously for the addition last night.

While “religion” was already on that list, as you might expect, it wasn’t obvious to everyone whether that category included atheists, so the law now explicitly says so. (***Edit***: The final wording of the law uses the word “nonreligion,” not “atheist” as I suggested earlier. Same result, though. My apologies for referring to an older version of the bill.)

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Former Pastor Dan Barker Has Written the Ultimate Rebuttal to Rick Warren’s The Purpose-Driven Life

In 2002, Pastor Rick Warren published The Purpose Driven Life, which went on to sell more than 30,000,000 copies. The book is all about how we can live to satisfy the Christian God through worship and ministry and being Christ-like and so on.

Now, Dan Barker, the former pastor and current co-president of the Freedom From Religion Foundation, has provided a fantastic rebuttal with his latest book.

It’s called Life Driven Purpose: How an Atheist Finds Meaning (Pitchstone Publishing, 2015):

In the excerpt below, Barker goes right to the heart of Warren’s thesis:

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Watch Matt Dillahunty Explain Why Atheists Don’t “Just Want to Sin”

In the latest video for his Atheist Debates project, Matt Dillahunty responds to the argument that atheists “just want to sin”:

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Your Child’s Going to Hear About Hell Anyway, So Should You Be the First to Bring It Up?

Wendy Thomas Russell, who joined us on the podcast recently, is the author of a new book called Relax, It’s Just God: How and Why to Talk to Your Kids About Religion When You’re Not Religious (Brown Paper Press, 2015):

In the excerpt below, Russell discusses whether you should discuss Hell with your child:

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