This is Why Hollywood Isn’t Making Films About Atheism

We know there are a lot of big-budget movies promoting Christianity coming out over the next few weeks — “Noah,” “Son of God,” “Heaven is for Real” — and there’s no shortage of Christian-themed films throughout history.

Lawrence Krauss thinks that Hollywood, contrary to its stereotype as a bastion of liberal ideas, should really start making some atheism-themed films:

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So That’s How Mark Driscoll’s Book Ended Up on the NYT Bestsellers List…

On January 22, 2012, a book written by Pastor Marc Driscoll and his wife Grace debuted at #1 on the New York Times‘ “Hardcover Advice & Misc.” bestsellers list.

(For what it’s worth, we were not fans of the book at this site.)

The following week, Real Marriage was off the list completely. Which seems strange… but it didn’t matter since the phrase “#1 New York Times Bestseller” could now be plastered atop all future editions of the book:

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Today, American Atheists Will Argue Before an Appeals Court Against the ‘World Trade Center Cross’ Display

Later today, lawyers for American Atheists will appear before the Second Circuit Court of Appeals to make one last bid to stop the National September 11 Memorial & Museum from including a Christian cross display.

Their main argument is that the cross isn’t part of 9/11 history. Rather, it was “created” after the fact (not hard to believe, since falling steel beams often form cross shapes) and it’s an example of Christian privilege at the exclusion of symbols from all other faiths.

AA President Dave Silverman explained their reasoning in an email:

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If Dr. Seuss and Charles Darwin Wrote a Book Together…

I don’t care that I don’t have kids. I still want this:

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After Long Condemning Homosexuality, Evangelicals Are Now Trying to Distance Themselves from Uganda’s Anti-Gay Law

What do you do if you’re an evangelical Christian and you’re asked about the new law in Uganda criminalizing homosexuality, sentencing gay people (in some cases) to life in prison?

You distance yourself from it as much as you possibly can. Which is tough to do when your own stance is still in the realm of, “Gay people shouldn’t have the same rights that I do.”

In Sarah Pulliam Bailey‘s article for Religion News Service, she quotes a few Christians who attempt to explain why Uganda’s laws are bad while also implying that their own views are perfectly fine… which is like a really dark grey pot calling the kettle black.

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