Neil deGrasse Tyson Gets Accused of “Riling Up Christians” with Christmas Day Tweet About Isaac Newton

On Christmas Day, Neil deGrasse Tyson tweeted this gem:

It quickly became his most retweeted message ever, and many accused him of “riling up Christians.”

That’s completely absurd.

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Christian Author Makes Fine-Tuning Argument for God’s Existence in The Wall Street Journal

In a Christmas Day opinion piece (behind a paywall) for The Wall Street Journal, Christian author Eric Metaxas explained that science proved God because of an argument that’s been debunked so many times over, you have to really work hard to pretend rebuttals don’t exist:

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That’s One Way to Use the Bible Against Jesus

They found a biblical loophole:

(via Cyanide & Happiness)

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Why Would Anyone Vandalize a Nativity Scene Like This?

Sacred Hearts Roman Catholic Church in Massachusetts, like many other churches, has a Nativity scene on its property. They don’t get any taxpayer money to do it. They’re not asking for government support of it. They’re just doing their own thing and we ought to respect their ability to do that. Unfortunately, someone thought it would be funny to mess with the central figure in the scene:

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Comedian Bill Burr on How He Shed His Faith

Comedian Bill Burr‘s latest special on Netflix is called “I’m Sorry You Feel That Way” and more than a few of you have mentioned this bit he does about religion. There’s nothing particularly new as far as comedy goes, but it’s always fun to hear someone on a large stage talking about his religious deconversion and what led him to that moment:

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