I Didn’t Know Footballs Had That Capability…

Apparently, Passback brand footballs are very popular in practices because of their unique design (making them look like 75% of real footballs). The company just created a Texas edition of their ball that they hope becomes a hit with Division 1 college and big name high school teams.

But I’ll admit I didn’t realize even the best practice footballs would have this sort of power:

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Atheist with Terminal Lung Cancer Throws Himself an Inspiring Living Funeral Before It’s Too Late

Louis Misko doesn’t have much longer to live. Less than six months, if his doctors are right, because of Stage 4 lung cancer.

He doesn’t believe in God and he knows he won’t be seeing his friends and loved ones in the afterlife, so he did something unusual: He threw himself a funeral while he was still around to enjoy it:

Mark Waller at NOLA.com tells his story:

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A (Revised) Christian Indoctrination Video for Children

About a month ago, NewSpring Church in South Carolina released a catchy little indoctrination video for preschoolers featuring actors with all the enthusiasm of Barney’s friends:

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This is Why Your Circumcision Was Unnecessary

CollegeHumor explores the Real Reason You’re Circumcized:

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This is Also Why I Can’t Stay Awake During Discussions About Philosophy

(via Jessica Hagy)

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