50 Years Ago Today, the Supreme Court Declared That Prayer in Public School was Unconstitutional

At some point today, atheists everywhere ought to celebrate the 50th anniversary of a major Supreme Court decision — Engel v. Vitale — that helped get prayer out of public schools. Back then, a school district in New York had students recite this prayer (voluntarily) at the beginning of each school day: “Almighty God, we [Read More...]

The Tomatoes Are Too Damn Christian

A poe-worthy fundamentalist Islamic group called the Popular Egyptian Islamic Association recently advised followers not to eat tomatoes because they’re just too Christian. I mean, LOOK AT THE CROSS! The group posted a photo on its page of a tomato — which appears to reveal the shape of a cross after being cut in half [Read More...]

A Hint at Sam Harris’ Next Book

It’s not about profiling anyone at the airport. Instead, Harris will be causing a different kind of controversy: The working title of the book is Waking Up: A Scientist Looks at Spirituality. This title could very well change, but this should give you some indication of what I’m up to. My goal is to write [Read More...]

Can You Have a Meaningful Life Without an Afterlife?

At the Oklahoma Freethought Convention yesterday, Seth Andrews debuted his latest video — Afterlife — and got a standing ovation from the crowd. Well deserved, too. This is a really beautiful video. A lot of popular YouTube atheists answer the question of how they get through the day knowing there’s no afterlife awaiting them. In [Read More...]

The Christian Version of a Kindle

It exists and it’s called Edifi: My favorite part about it is when they try to compare it to a Kindle and Nook… they *know* the quality in the other products is better, but look at what the Edifi has! (Click to enlarge) HA! We have 27 pre-installed Bibles and they have none! Of course, [Read More...]