Fort Worth Police Department Under Fire for Its Unholy Alliance with Local Clergy Members

It was only September when we learned that police officers in Rochester, New York were working with clergy members in order to patrol the streets. The unholy partnership, while it may have had strategic aims, still promoted religion in a questionable way.

Turns out Fort Worth, Texas is doing the same thing. In fact, the Clergy and Police Alliance (CAPA) has its own website, Facebook page, and slideshow:

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Christian Conference Organizers Asked Me to Share My Views on Gay Marriage… So This is What I Sent Them

A couple of weeks ago, I got an email from the organizers of the NINES, an online-only conference for evangelical Christians. (People would presumably purchase the live-stream and watch it with their small groups or church staffs.) Because the theme was “Culture Crash,” they asked me if I wanted to make a video discussing my views on same-sex marriage. They gave me five minutes and no restrictions (other than, you know, please don’t swear because there may be kids watching).

That was quite courageous of them to do, I thought, and the video I made is now online on the Atheist Voice channel. Take a look:

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Atheist Billboards Go Up in Iowa

It’s been a while since we’ve seen these, hasn’t it? Welcome back, billboards!

The newly-formed Central Iowa Coalition of Reason and Eastern Iowa Coalition of Reason have put up billboards announcing their presence:

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Christian Right Group Reminds You Which Stores Make Baby Jesus Cry

The American Family Association, which only seems to care about your family if you’re Christian, has released its annual “Naughty or Nice” list of places that don’t deserve your business because they RUIN EVERYTHING by not acknowledging the birth of Jesus. And sometimes, they say awful things like “Happy Holidays.”

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Parents Who Allowed Their Daughter to Die of a Treatable Disease Convicted of Manslaughter

There’s another case of Christians killing their child because, rather than visit a doctor, they put their trust in God. (And it happened in Oregon, where these kinds of faith-based homicide cases are all too familiar.)

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