Amazing Poll Results from Canada: The Non-Religious Are Trusted More Than the Religious

I’ve never seen this before… A survey conducted by the Montreal-based Association for Canadian Studies has revealed two amazing things: 42 per cent of those polled agreed with the statement “religion is an important part of my life”… Fewer than half the people surveyed said religion was important to them! But wait… it gets better: [Read More...]

Aziz Ansari: ‘I’m Not a Religious Person’

Aziz Ansari, one of the stars of Parks and Recreation, said in a recent interview he’s not religious. So we can add one more celebrity to the roster (And he’s brown, so we get bonus points for diversity!) Daniel Kellison: Hm, OK, sure. All right — what do you think happens when you die? Aziz [Read More...]

He Is Risen… rAmen

(via Rail Bender) [Read more...]

An Alternative Way to Spend Easter…

Father Phil Ritchie (from East Sussex in England) has an excellent suggestion for a better use of your time today: The problem with the church is that we stay inside our building and occasionally come out and say “Why don’t you come to our church, it’s cool and funky”. To be honest, it’s not. I [Read More...]

Patrick Greene Changes His Mind About Converting to Christianity

I don’t really want to post this. The guy has received far more publicity than he deserves. But, given the circumstances, I kinda feel obligated to… I previously posted about how Patrick Greene had received donations to alleviate his poor vision from atheists and Christians, then told reporters he had been helped by Christians (and [Read More...]