Are You Registered to Vote?

If not, fix that now. And then vote for the Democrats. [Read more...]

An Atheist Social Worker Puts Together a Mental Health Forum

Spencer Troxell is an atheist social worker at a homeless shelter in Ohio and he’s put together a mental health forum for victims of mental illness and their families. It takes place this October and I’m thrilled to promote it: [Read more...]

What Do Atheists Live For? To Learn More, Says Martin Wagner

Martin Wagner, one of the co-hosts of The Atheist Experience, filmed a segment for Chris Johnson‘s multimedia book about atheists and what gives them joy and meaning in life. In the segment below, Wagner talks about the importance of discovery and how that makes life worth living even when you don’t believe in a god: [Read More...]

Phyllis Schlafly: Obama Wants to Make This a Godless Nation

You know how President Obama has given millions of dollars to religious groups? You know how he invited Pastor Rick Warren to give the invocation address at his inauguration? You know how he urged the Democrats to put the word “God” back into the party’s platform? You know how he speaks at the National Prayer [Read More...]

Black Pastors Voice Support for Marriage Equality in Maryland

Remember how, back in August, the Coalition of African-American Pastors held a press conference to announce their opposition to same-sex marriage? (After reporter Jamila Bey asked Rev. William Owens about God’s position on polygamy, he asked to have her removed from the room.) On Friday, a different group of African-American pastors — including Rev. Al [Read More...]