A New Book Tackles the Supposed Hypocrisy of Atheists

We’re used to Christian apologists trying to explain the logic of their faith — and atheists offering rebuttals that amount to “Christianity? Logic? HA!”

One of the more infamous books of that genre is I Don’t Have Enough Faith to Be an Atheist by Norman L. Geisler and Frank Turek. It was one of those books that I had to read with a red pen next to me, just so I could mark up all the errors. (It was slightly less challenging than a mid-week New York Times crossword puzzle.)

So when I heard Geisler, this time with Daniel J. McCoy, had written another book, I had to check it out. A new challenge!

Their book, out today, is called The Atheist’s Fatal Flaw: Exposing Conflicting Beliefs (Baker Books, 2014) and it focuses on the supposed hypocrisy of atheists.

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Scam Artist Preacher Benny Hinn: Give Me $1,000 and You’ll (Somehow) Become Rich!

Benny Hinn, the scam artist with a net worth of $42,000,000 who poses as a preacher and “heals” people (though he never releases their medical records), knows exactly what you have to do to make him yourself wealthier: Just send him $1,000.

No, really, God said so:

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I Feel Okay About Bill Nye Losing This Debate

Finally, the matchup we’ve been waiting for: Bill Nye vs. Isaac Newton in an Epic Rap Battle (featuring Weird Al Yankovic as Newton):

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But Four-Year-Olds Will Never Comprehend That!

You know where this cartoon is going… but it’s still funny:

See the punchline here.

(via Far Left Side)

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An Ex-Muslim’s Project to Show Women After They Finally Took Off Their Hijabs

Marwa Berro, who has written quite a bit about leaving Islam, is embarking on a new project to empower women who used to wear head/face coverings but who have since proudly taken them off:

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