So That’s Why God Allows Evil to Happen…

Christian apologist Frank Turek explains why God would allow evil in the world in the most non-sensical argument you’ll hear all day:

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Pastor Steven Anderson Releases Anti-Martin Luther King “Documentary” Called “Marxist Lucifer King”

Pastor Steven Anderson has been releasing a bunch of strange right-wing documentaries lately. There was the one about how AIDS is the “Judgment of God” and the one the horrors of birth control.

And now we have one trashing Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. called Marxist Lucifer King:

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Secular Groups Send Money to Charlie Hebdo in a Show of Solidarity

In response to the attacks on Charlie Hebdo, the Freedom From Religion Foundation just sent the staff a donation of $20,000:

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Mormon Church Threatens to Excommunicate Podcaster Who Voiced Support for Marriage Equality & Ordination of Women

***Edit***: A version of this post went up earlier this afternoon, but it disappeared from the site. Might have been a tech glitch on our end. Sorry for the confusion.

It seems like every time the Mormon Church has the opportunity to take a lead on social or cultural issues, they shoot themselves in the foot. Just last year, when they had the chance to reach out to women, Mormon leaders excommunicated Ordain Women founder Kate Kelly.

And now they’ve done it again with a progressive Mormon podcaster. Laurie Goodstein of the New York Times has the story:

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Ellen DeGeneres Responds to Christian Bigot Accusing Her of Promoting a Gay Agenda

Pastor Larry Tomczak wrote a piece for the Christian Post last week in which he accused Ellen DeGeneres — along with the rest of Hollywood — of promoting a gay agenda:

“Ellen DeGeneres” celebrates her lesbianism and “marriage” in between appearances of guests like Taylor Swift to attract young girls.


(By the way, I’m used to seeing conservative Christians put “marriage” in quotation marks when referring to gay marriages… but why is Ellen’s name in quotation marks?)

Anyway, DeGeneres responded yesterday by picking apart Tomczak’s ridiculous statement:

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