I Need to Start Taking More Long Car Rides…

I’m finding out about all sorts of podcasts this week that I hadn’t been exposed to yet! Example: the Think Atheist Radio Show has already interviewed people like Hector Avalos, Ophelia Benson, Michael Shermer, and Valerie Tarico. If you’ve listened to it, I’d love to hear your feedback. If there are any particular episodes/timestamps we [Read More...]

Ricky Gervais’ Blasphemous Magazine Cover

Remember how comedian Ricky Gervais submitted a picture of himself, dressed as a clown with a gun in his mouth, for the cover of Rolling Stone? They rejected it because it was “too offensive” and Gervais said he didn’t even bother to submit his second choice: himself, shirtless, holding a mic stand as if he [Read More...]

Well, They’re Not the *Top* 100 Facts…

There’s an anonymously written ebook circulating called 100 Facts Every Atheist Teen Must Know. There’s some decent stuff in it. Though it gives the same amount of space to “God” as it does “Alcohol” (but maybe that’s inevitable in a document like this). It also includes a couple random topics (like “Banking” and “Lindy Hop”) [Read More...]

One More Atheist Billboard Goes Up in Orange County

The Backyard Skeptics group in Orange County, California has just put up this billboard “off the 55 freeway and Edinger Ave in Santa Ana”: The ad costs $6,000 and it’ll be up for one month. It’s paid for by an anonymous donor. Two more billboards will follow: “We’ve been getting a lot of comments from [Read More...]

Good News for Children in Illinois: Catholic Charities Won’t Get State Money to Discriminate

Ever since Illinois legalized civil unions, Catholics Charities has been flipping out at the prospect of sending kids into the home of gay parents who want to adopt them. They were so freaked out by this, that they started to shut down in response. (A secular adoption agency offered to take in the children who [Read More...]