Searching for Atheist K-12 Teachers Who Fall Into These Particular Demographics…

Craig and Aimee Howley at Ohio University are doing research on K-12 teachers/administrators who are also non-religious. I’ve posted before about a project they’re working on, but there are still a few groups of people they haven’t heard from yet. If you’re out there, please consider reaching out to them!

As some followers of the Friendly Atheist may remember, we are conducting a study of the experiences of non-believer (atheist, agnostic, humanist) teachers in schools located primarily in the United States. We are trying to get as full a picture as possible of the experience of being an atheist teacher in America, and — despite having interviewed 80 teachers — we’re still missing people from some very important backgrounds:

— Culturally Jewish
— African American
— Conservative Republican

If you belong to any of these groups and are willing to participate in a telephone interview that will last about an hour, please contact Aimee Howley, Ohio University, Educational Studies Department —

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Pascal’s Wager: Expanded Edition

I don’t know how I missed this before, but it’s awesome. Whenever we talk about Pascal’s Wager, it’s always a bet between Christians and atheists. But what about all those other religions? Where do the fit in?

Now we know (click image to enlarge):

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Mark Joseph Stern and the Conversation He Won’t Have About Circumcision

This is a guest post by Francelle Wax, the producer of American Secret: The Circumcision Agenda, a documentary about the problems with male circumcision.

[Note: Last week, Mark Joseph Stern wrote an article for Slate about how anti-circumcision activists (“Intactivists”) are “drowning out reasoned discourse” in the debate. This piece is a rebuttal to that.]

I think that the best way to respond to Mark Joseph Stern’s address is to deal mostly with Mark Joseph Stern and barely at all with his address. Not because I think it generally good practice to go around making internet fights personal, but because I have little patience with someone who is pretending to have the objectivity of a cool academic when he actually harbors an intensely vested interest in arriving at a particular conclusion because the stakes are both so high and so intrinsically personal.

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Christian College Asks Transgender Theology Professor to Leave School

Azusa Pacific University, a Christian school in California, is trying to push a transgendered theology professor out of the school… but they’ll have to find an awkward Jesus-based way to do it now that there’s some media attention on the matter.

Sarah Pulliam Bailey of Religion News Service tells the professor’s story:

Heather Clements taught theology at the school for 15 years, but this past year, he has begun referring to himself as H. Adam Ackley.

Ackley, who is in his third year of a five-year contract, told RNS that he and APU have agreed to part ways as the university said it will continue to pay him through the academic year. But, he said, the university wants other professors to take over his classes. He also said that his insurance was denied when he sought hormone treatment and “top surgery” for his chest area.

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Taking You Inside the Humanist Mission Trip to Uganda

This is a guest post by Sean McGuire. Sean lives in Montreal with his wife and young son. He blogs under the pseudonym Godless Poutine at My Secret Atheist Blog, which is becoming less and less a secret every day.

[Hemant’s note: The Pathfinders Project is a secular service trip sponsored by the Foundation Beyond Belief. I’m on the FBB board and I couldn’t be prouder of our involvement in getting this project off the ground and really putting Humanism in action. You can help us do more things like this by becoming a member of FBB or donating specifically to this project.]

Last month, I wrote a guest post on this blog introducing the Kasese Humanist Primary School in Uganda. In it, I mentioned that members of the first ever Pathfinders Project, an initiative partly funded by the Foundation Beyond Belief, would be visiting the school in September and staying for several weeks to help out at the school.

Well, they safely arrived at the school on September 11, and I would like to share some of the updates I’ve been getting from both School Director Bwambale Robert and Pathfinder Conor Robinson.

On the afternoon of September 15, I got an email update from Conor about their long trip from Cambodia to Kasese and how they are helping out at the school.

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