Lutheran Vicar Refused to Bury a 74-year-old Woman because She Was a Lesbian

It’s not just American religious leaders who do despicable things because of their homophobia. In North Jutland, Denmark, a Lutheran vicar said he would not bury a 74-year old woman because she was a lesbian: “I thought — can this really be possible that we have to be ashamed? I looked at my mother’s partner [Read More...]

Grog and Zog: A Parable for Secular Humanists (and Everyone Else)

This is a guest post by Dan Carsen. Dan has been a teacher, a reporter, a radio commentator, an editor and a stay-at-home dad. A long time ago, there was a small band of cavepeople trying to survive in a harsh world. Their two best hunters, Grog and Zog, had been tracking prey together for [Read More...]

Want People to Trust Atheists More? Remind Them of Cops and Courts, Says New Study

Is there a way to get religious believers to trust atheists? We already know we’re the least trusted minority group out there — can we change that? Researchers Will M. Gervais and Ara Norenzayan of the University of British Columbia, Vancouver are back and they believe there is a way. In the May, 2012 edition [Read More...]

Atheists in Hats and Cats Questioning the Bible

I didn’t know these Tumblrs needed to exist… but I’m informed that they are vital to our movement. Atheists in Hats: Cats Questioning the Bible: See? Isn’t your life better already? Obviously. [Read more...]

Jim Gaffigan on Vitamins

I watched Jim Gaffigan‘s excellent standup show “Mr. Universe” over the weekend. The best part (for this audience, anyway)? His bit on vitamins (Click to enlarge) Also, I don’t know how to make those images. [Read more...]