Atheist Music: ‘Faith’ by Dangermaker

Reader Ryan alerted me to a San Francisco-based band called Dangermaker. They have a song on their album Black Dream called “Faith” and its lyrics are pretty atheist-friendly: Faith by DANGERMAKER Open your eyes, Somebody’s watching you. Change your mind, Change it to something new. Don’t let it fall apart, Let it fall apart (something [Read More...]

Daniel Dennett Defines An Atheist

In his talk at the Global Atheist Convention in Melbourne, Daniel Dennett gave a talk on “How To Tell You’re An Atheist“: As always, if there are any bits we should pay special attention to, just leave the timestamp and a summary in the comments. [Read more...]

The Guy Kicked Out of Church for Molesting Kids Has a New Job Doing What?!

I know former clergy members have a difficult time finding work after they leave the pulpit… but when you were kicked out of the Church for molesting kids, it seems obvious that you shouldn’t be allowed to have a job where you may be asked to frisk people (including children)… The [Philadelphia International Airport's] security [Read More...]

He Didn’t Even Say What the Wine Is Supposed To Be…

Over at Cyanide & Happiness, you can see the full strip and the response we all have for Jesus. [Read more...]

Commentary on a Christian Children’s Show

You know what’s better than watching Bibleman? Watching Brad Jones, The Cinema Snob provide commentary (Possibly NSFW language… but it’s hilarious) (Thanks to Patrick for the link!) [Read more...]