A Great Way for Students to Experience the 2012 Global Atheist Convention

The annual Global Atheist Convention will take place in Melbourne, Australia next year from April 13th – 15th. The roster of speakers is fantastic. (In fact, I’m sitting in the fetal position as we speak awaiting my invitation and plane tickets.) For the general public, the tickets are a few hundred dollars apiece. That would [Read More...]

So That’s How He Does It…

Jesus knew all sorts of amazing magic tricks: That one’s almost as good as his other tricks: Next thing you know, they’re gonna say Jesus didn’t even walk on water! Oh… (Cartoon by ndikol — via Reddit) [Read more...]

I See Your Jesus Fish and I Raise You 665

(via Reddit) [Read more...]

How Do You Get a Christian Ministry Out of Your Public School?

With all the debate over whether what teacher Jerry Buell did was permissible or not, here’s a clear cut case of what a public school teacher should not do. A teacher in the Bossier Parish Schools (in Louisiana) — about an hour from Damon Fowler‘s school — put bracelets promoting Christian ministry Team Impact on [Read More...]

JREF Brings Pressure to ‘Psychic’ Frauds

Even though the James Randi Educational Foundation has been offering huge sums of money since 1996 to any psychic who could prove his/her supernatural powers, the current prize of $1,000,000 doesn’t seem to get as many headlines as one would hope. But since Randi’s appearance on “ABC’s Primetime Nightline: Beyond Belief” last week, a number [Read More...]