Online Porn Site Says I Can’t Buy Adult Material Because I Live in a “Sexually Conservative” Area

Last night, acting on a tip, I visited the adult website Adam & Eve to buy some DVDs. When they asked for my address, I gave them a particular zip code from Tennessee. And then I couldn’t go any further with my purchase, because this was on the next screen: At this time, we are [Read More…]

Researchers Studied a Decade’s Worth of Atheist Conferences to See If We’re Getting More Diverse

The stereotypical atheist is usually a white guy — Richard Dawkins, Christopher Hitchens, Bill Maher, to name a few — but there’s been a push over the past several years to go beyond that, to promote the views of atheists who are women, minorities, LGBT, etc.

Sure, you might be able to name people who fit one or more of those categories, but one way to quantify whether there’s a real shift happening movement-wide is by looking at who’s speaking at various atheist conferences.

Christopher Hassall and Ian Bushfield did just that.

They looked at “48 atheist conferences held between 2003 and 2014” to see what the trends were regarding women and non-white speakers, and they just published their results in the journal Secularism and Nonreligion. That meant analyzing as much as they could from “1223 speaker slots and 630 different speakers.”

So what did they discover?

Women represented just over 30% of all the conference speakers they looked at over the past decade, which is significantly below the percentage of female atheists worldwide.

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Catholic Church of Australia Admits Priestly Celibacy Requirement May Have Contributed to the Sexual Abuse Scandal

In a report released this weekend by the Catholic Church of Australia’s Truth Justice and Healing Council, there was a stunning admission that the requirement for priestly celibacy may have contributed to the sexual abuse scandal. No kiddin’. Church institutions and their leaders, over many decades, seemed to turn a blind eye, either instinctively or [Read More…]

Bill Nye Explains Evolution Through Emoji

Bill Nye + emoji?! Science class will make a lot more sense now!

(Unless you’re older than, say, 19… in which case none of this makes any sense at all.)

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Makes You Really Want to Go to Church on Christmas, Doesn’t It?

How many of you have been like Devin, the “newly-atheist teen who’s making a point of not saying the prayers”?

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