Two Muslim Clerics Say Posting Pictures on Facebook and Twitter is Un-Islamic… If You’re a Woman

This is one of those stories that’s getting passed around on a number of websites, with very little in the way of information or details… so take it with a grain of salt.

As it stands, two Muslim clerics who run phone helplines in India have said it’s not okay for women to post their pictures — veiled or unveiled, I don’t know — on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter.

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CNN Interview Postponed

There was some breaking news, so the CNN interview has been postponed to next weekend. [Read more...]

Due to (Paranoid) Religious Concerns, Christian Family Sails Out of America… and Gets Stranded

Not long ago, Hannah Gastonguay and her husband Sean concluded, for no rational reason, that the government was interfering too much in their religious life.

They didn’t want to pay “taxes that pay for abortions we don’t agree with”… which doesn’t actually happen, unless you’re deluded enough to think that contraception amounts to infanticide.

They also didn’t believe in “homosexuality… in the state-controlled church,” a statement that makes no sense no matter how you slice it, since homosexuals exist whether you want them to or not, and no church in the country has been forced to welcome them or honor their relationships. Also: state-controlled church? Who knew.

So, a few months ago, the Gastonguays decided to make a break for it. They scooped up their kids, Rahab and Ardith, along with Sean’s father, and they set sail — literally — from San Diego to go to the island of Kiribati:

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I’m Scheduled to Appear on CNN Tomorrow Morning

Just a quick heads-up: Barring some breaking news, like the Royal Baby burping, I’m scheduled to appear on CNN’s “New Day Sunday” at approximately 8:30a (ET) Sunday morning to talk about millennials and why we’re leaving church.

Interestingly enough, the last time I was on CNN was a year ago to talk about why millennials increasingly doubted the existence of God:

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Muslim Who Helped Stir Unrest Over Danish Muhammad Cartoons Finally Apologizes

In September of 2005, the Danish newspaper Jyllands-Posten published a series of “blasphemous” cartoons (including the one below) featuring the Islamic prophet Muhammad:

You remember what happened (months) after that. Mass chaos. Violent demonstrations. Death threats against the artists. Death, period.

Ahmed Akkari, 28 at the time, was one of the leaders of that reactionary movement. A New York Times article from 2006 talked about his role in the protests:

Ahmed Akkari, 28, a Lebanese-born Dane, acts as spokesman for the European Committee for Honoring the Prophet, an umbrella group of 27 Danish Muslim organizations to press the Danish government into action over the cartoons.

“Then the case moved to a new stage,” Mr. Akkari recalled. “We decided then that to be heard, it must come from influential people in the Muslim world.”

Not long after his group went to the Muslim leaders, the riots began.

Akkari is 35 now and, in a really amazing twist, he regrets his role in creating this shitstorm:

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