A Florida Mayor May Be Removed from Office After Satanist Points Out Numerous Ethical Violations

The Mayor of Deerfield Beach, Florida, Jean Robb, could be removed from office after the State Ethics Commission found “probably cause” that she misused her office to benefit her church.


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The “Common Core” Nanny Doesn’t Understand Subtraction

For the past few weeks, “Nanny” Melissa Strzala has been posting videos explaining Common Core methods for doing math… and, not surprisingly, she has no clue what she’s complaining about.

The most popular video, with more than 4,000,000 views on Facebook as of this writing, involves subtraction:


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Democrat on Phoenix (AZ) City Council Condemns LGBT Rights While Speaking to Local Pastors

Over the past couple of months, the Phoenix (Arizona) City Council has been mired in a debate about whether or not to keep invocations at their meetings. They’ve gone from an open invocation system, to one where speakers were pre-approved (to prevent The Satanic Temple from delivering the prayers), to a moment of silence, to an invocation delivered exclusively by Christian chaplains. It’s a lawsuit waiting to happen.

Michael Nowakowski is one of the eight city council members who’s been involved in this debacle. He’s a Democrat who’s been an ally of the LGBT movement. He supported a non-discrimination ordinance in 2013. When a judge legalized same-sex marriage in the state, he supported it.

Good stuff, right?

And yet, when Nowakowski spoke to a group of pastors last month about the invocation prayer issue, he spoke about LGBT issues as if he were trying to earn the support of Ted Cruz‘s voter base.


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The Dress Code for Good Christian Women

Hey, look! It’s the Jesus-approved dress code. For women only. Men, I guess, can still wear whatever the hell they want.


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A High School Basketball Coach Says Florida Officials Didn’t Do Enough to Accommodate His Religion

It should have been an exciting moment when the girls’ basketball team at Florida’s Northeast High School made it to the state championship game a couple of weeks ago.

Instead, it became the subject of controversy because the team’s Seventh Day Adventist coach, Zach Gillion, chose to sit out the final game because it was held on a Saturday — a day of rest for his faith.

The girls ended up losing the game.


I don’t have any sympathy for this coach, and I’ll explain why in a moment, but look at how he’s trying to spin the situation:

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