“Jesus Welcomes You to Hawkins” Sign in Texas is Somehow Still at the Center of Controversy

Remember the 18-foot-wide sign welcoming visitors to the city of Hawkins, Texas?

Mayor Will Rogers had defended the Jesus-tastic sign even after receiving a letter of complaint from the Freedom From Religion Foundation. At one point, he said it wasn’t religious at all. He later said the sign should stay because Jesus was like Superman — and if the FFRF didn’t want a fictional being (in their opinion) welcoming people to Hawkins, then they would oppose Superman, too. So there.

Eventually, the city council voted to do the right thing and take down the sign.

I thought we were done with this story, but it just got weirder after that.

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Turkish Atheists Want Government to Stop Declaring Babies “Muslim” from Birth

The Atheism Association in Turkey, fresh off giving soup to the homeless every week, is now calling for the government to stop automatically designating every newborn child as “Muslim” on their birth certificates.

A Change.org petition broadly calls for equal treatment for atheists under the law, but it’s a few specific items that are getting all the attention:

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Religious Indoctrination Curriculum in Victoria (Australia) Moves to Preschool

Back in August, Victoria (Australia) public schools finally scrapped their “special religious instruction” (SRI) classes after lots of criticism that it was really all about Christian indoctrination.

But just when you thought it was over, the Christians are now targeting kids before they enter school:

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This Saturday, There Will Be a Mass Resignation from Mormonism in Salt Lake City

Following the Mormon Church’s decision to declare gays and lesbians in committed relationships “apostates” and refusing to bless/confirm/ordain kids unless they disavow their gay parents, there’s been a huge backlash from practicing Mormons.

Now, there are plans for a mass resignation this Saturday:

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After Having Previous Invitation Rescinded, Atheist Ireland Leader Will Soon Speak at Catholic School

Last week, Michael Nugent of Atheist Ireland was supposed to speak to students at an all-girls Catholic school as part of a program to expose the students to a different perspective. The school had invited a Muslim speaker earlier in the year, so this talk was going to be along those lines.

But Nugent’s invitation was rescinded at the last second. School officials said they did “not wish to cultivate non-religious belief.” As if a short lecture and Q&A session was enough to undo years of Catholic schooling.

At least there’s some good news. Nugent says the school has invited him back:

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