Brigham Young University’s Honor Code Creates a Culture of Fear for Sexual Assault Victims

If you attend Brigham Young University, you have to adhere to the BYU Honor Code which says you can’t drink alcohol, swear, have pre-marital sex, etc. The Honor Code also says people of the opposite sex can’t enter your bedroom, even if nothing sexual happens. Violate the Honor Code and you risk expulsion from the Mormon school.

So what happens if you’re the victim of sexual assault?

Some students are now saying that they fear reporting their rapes because the school will punish them for violating the Honor Code.


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Christian Publisher: “Too Many Christian Women Are Losing Their Salvation Because They Masturbate”

Mack Major is a Christian author who wants to “bring you spiritually thought-provoking material day after day” through his Eden Decoded publishing house.

I guess that includes this gem in which he goes off on women who masturbate and tells them why they’re going to hell:


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LGBT Group’s New North Carolina Billboard Reminds Visitors to Turn Their Clocks Back 100 Years

Planting Peace, the organization responsible for the rainbow-colored house across the street from Westboro Baptist Church, recently put up a billboard in Mississippi in response to the state’s new anti-gay legislation.

Now they’ve done something similar in North Carolina, where Governor Pat McCrory signed a law banning LGBT non-discrimination protections and barring transgender people from using affirming bathrooms.

Here’s the billboard, firmly located on the border:


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Christian Films Are Really Awful, Aren’t They?

Arturo Zurita, a YouTuber who focuses on entertainment, has a lot to say about why Christian films are so bad, with a spotlight on God’s Not Dead 2.

It’s all the more interesting because he says he would love to see good Christian movies as a film buff… he just hasn’t found any yet.


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The Real Concern Regarding Climate Change

In this short, helpful video, Vox explains one of the biggest misconceptions about climate change: The worry isn’t that the planet is doomed by the changing temperature. It’s that our species may be doomed.


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