Beaumont (TX) Police Officers Sue City for Ending Their Illegal Bible Study

When I first saw that some Beaumont (Texas) police officers were suing the city for stopping their “voluntary bible study” during lunch breaks, I thought it was a joke. Of course they had a right to gather during lunch and discuss the Bible. Why would any church/state separation group get in the way of that?

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Christian Leader: It’s “Troubling” That Mayor Took Oath of Office on Constitution Instead of Bible

Last week, the new mayor of Franklin, North Carolina, Bob Scott, took his oath of office on a Constitution instead of a Bible. He told the American Humanist Association that he made the decision because “there is so much controversy surrounding separation of church and state. I am a firm believer in keeping religion and government separate.”

Good for him! You’d hope other politicians follow suit, regardless of their theological views, since they’re being elected to uphold our Constitution, not one religion’s holy book.

But Rev. Mark H. Creech, Executive Director of North Carolina’s Christian Action League, says Scott’s decision is “troubling.”

I repeat: Creech is upset because a politician took an oath of office on the Constitution instead of his preferred brand of mythology.

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If This Is What “Cool” Christianity Looks Like, Count Me Out

In the latest issue of GQ, reporter Taffy Brodesser-Akner interviews Carl Lentz, the Christian pastor with a reputation for being cool because, you know, he wears a leather jacket and skinny hipster jeans and hangs out with celebrities.

The premise of the piece seems to be: Religion is fading away, especially among younger people, but if there’s any hope for the church to connect with that generation, Lentz could be the guy to do it. So is it working?

But when Lentz speaks, you realize he’s just as awful as the older evangelical Christians who lost the culture wars:

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Colorado Middle School Conducts Bible Giveaway During Class

See if you can spot all the legal violations that occurred yesterday at Delta Middle School in Colorado.

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New Paper Shows How Creationist Legislation, Ironically, Evolves Over Time

In a paper that’s both clever and depressing, Nicholas Matzke writes in the journal Science about how minor legislation in one Louisiana town morphed into anti-evolution legislation in a couple of big states.

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