Remember the Kids Who Protested When Their Gay Administrator was Forced to Resign? This Catholic Wants Them Expelled

A few days ago, upon finding out that Vice Principal Mark Zmuda was forced to resign from Eastside Catholic High School (in Seattle, Washington) for the Jesus-induced crime of being a gay man who married the love of his life, 300 students at the school staged a protest in his honor:

Rebecca Hamilton, a Catholic blogger here on Patheos and a long-time member of the Oklahoma House of Representatives, was appalled by what happened.

I mean how dare those administrators, right?! Wait… no. She’s perfectly fine with them. It’s the students she has it out for:

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The Pale Blue Pixel

I don’t know what it was about this freakishly long image thread, but it really put things in perspective…

Click on the Earth to see the full story :)

(Thanks to Kimberly for the link)

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Check Out This Rapper With Atheist-Themed Lyrics

Gary Gibson, Jr., who previously released a hip-hop song about God, has a new song out called “Blackout” and it’s awesome. I don’t know how he packed so many rhymes in it, but he did:

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What Are the Biggest Atheism-Related Stories of the Year?

In preparation for an upcoming Atheist Voices video, we’re trying to compile a list of the biggest atheism-related news stories of the year.

If you have any suggestions for us to include, please leave them in the comments! Thanks :)

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This is How the Right Thinks Atheists Prepare for the War on Christmas

Michael Luciano explains how conservatives think atheists view Christmas. (It’s like he’s giving away our game plan!)

(via PolicyMic)

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