Despite Birth Defects Linked to Zika Virus, Catholic Church Officials Still Oppose Contraception

In Latin America, where the Zika virus is spreading quickly, we know it can cause serious birth defects.

The rational thing to do here would be to prevent mothers from getting pregnant in the first place by promoting contraception or make sure they have access to abortions.


But the Catholic Church isn’t exactly known for being a rational institution:

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An Acoustic Version of Shelley Segal’s “Saved”

Well, this is a nice way to begin the week.

It’s Shelley Segal singing an acoustic version of her song “Saved”:


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Atheist Rapper Ensomniak’s Latest Song: “Your Faith”

Atheist rapper Ensomniak is back with his latest song!

It’s called “Your Faith” and it’s all about the negative effects of faith on humanity. (Some of the lyrics are NSFW.)


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After Being Booted from NECSS Conference, Richard Dawkins is Invited Back

One of the things Richard Dawkins said in his health update this weekend was that the stroke he had may have been brought about by stress. Stress in his case is often caused by controversy. And he’s been the subject of controversy recently because he was booted from the speaking roster at the upcoming NECSS conference for tweeting out a video that compared certain types of feminists to ISIS in regards to their supposed rigid ideologies.


Anyway, NECSS took him off their roster of speakers without consulting with him first, something Dawkins felt was discourteous. And there was a lot of debate over whether NECSS organizers had made the right decision (regardless of how they went about it) or acted in haste over something that wasn’t a big deal.

Dawkins pointed out in his message that he had been re-invited to the conference, something that sure as hell surprised me.

Today, NECSS issued a statement apologizing for kicking Dawkins off their roster. They also stated that he had indeed been invited back:

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Russian Orthodox Church Diocese Settles Debt Payments with Prayer

When a local diocese of the Russian Orthodox Church installed heating in a building, Church leaders were supposed to pay construction company Era about $11,500 for the work. But they only paid half the amount, which soon led to a lawsuit from the company.

That lawsuit has now been settled… but the terms leave a lot to be desired:


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