God Spoke to Them!


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Australian Christian Leader: We Must Protect Atheists’ Right to Discriminate Against Gay Couples

The last time we heard from Australian Christian Lobby head Lyle Shelton, he was explaining how marriage equality was a horrible idea because people might think he’s gay. And we can’t have that now, can we?


Looks like the King of Bad Arguments is back with a new entry.

In short, if marriage equality were to be legalized in Australia, Shelton says the Parliament must make sure everyone’s religious freedoms are protected so that people who think same-sex marriage is a sin aren’t required to participate in a gay wedding ceremony.

That’s not necessarily a problem — but look at how he actually phrased it:

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Norwalk (Ohio) School Board is Close to Adopting a Policy Allowing Christian Prayers at Meetings

The board members of the Norwalk City School District in Ohio have spent a lot of time lately debating whether or not to pray at meetings.


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Canadian Human Rights Tribunal Rules in Favor of Wilderness Guide Denied Job Due to Her Faith

Usually, when we hear stories of Christians being discriminated against, it’s all nonsense. They’re nothing more than the wet dreams of Todd Starnes. Every story sounds the same: Christians did something wrong or illegal, they were punished for it, and now they’re hiding behind their religion.

But in 2014, there actually was a case of anti-Christian discrimination that appeared legitimate.

Trinity Western University is the Christian school in British Columbia that made headlines after a few provinces said they would not allow graduates of its law school to practice in the region because the school wouldn’t allow gay students who embrace their homosexuality to attend.

Bethany Paquette went to their undergraduate campus, which works the same way. She’s a river rafting guide who applied for a job at Amaruk Wilderness Corp. where she figured her experience could be put to good use. But after sending the company her cover letter and resume, she was surprised to see this response from the hiring manager:

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Donald Trump Wins “Islamophobe of the Year” Award… but Don’t Get Too Excited

The man keeps winning!

The Islamic Human Rights Commission, a UK-based Muslim civil rights group, declared Donald Trump the overall winner of its “Islamophobe of the Year” award, a distinction given by voters to people who “outrageously displayed their prejudice for all to see over the past year.”


Before you get too excited, though, this award isn’t really all that meaningful, even in a satirical sense.

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