Creationist Ken Ham Thinks #DarwinWasWrongDay Was a Hit… Even Though Everyone’s Using It To Mock Him

In Ken Ham‘s world, where up is down and right is left and evolution is a fairy tale, science advocates using #DarwinWasWrongDay — in mockery of his attempt to detract from Charles Darwin‘s birthday today — is just a sign that Creationism is winning:

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Tennessee Legislator Wants to Make the Holy Bible the Official State Book

Following the lead of Republicans in Mississippi, Louisiana, and Alabama, Tennessee State Rep. Jerry Sexton (below) has filed a bill to make the Holy Bible the official state book:

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Todd Starnes Flips Out After Student Told Not to Say “God Bless America” During Morning Announcements

For several weeks, the student-led morning announcements at Yulee High School in Florida ended with the words “God Bless America.” (As if the Pledge wasn’t enough?)

So the American Humanist Association’s Appignani Humanist Legal Center wrote a letter to school officials explaining the problem:

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Gallup Poll: 22% of Americans Are Dissatisfied with Organized Religion and Wish It Had Less Influence

According to a new Gallup poll, nearly 40% of Americans are dissatisfied with the influence of organized religion:

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Finally, An Honest Church Promotion

I know Freedom Life Church in Hampton, Virginia wants to talk about the “the stewardship of our resources,” but they may want to rethink the way they’re promoting the series…

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