Philadelphia Pay Phone Offers Direct Line to God

Seen in Philadelphia’s 30th Street Station: a pay phone that offers a direct line to God. (Just in case, I guess.)

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It’s Very Dark Outside and I Can’t Explain It

Dammit, God! Stop messing with our results!

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A Compilation of Victor Stenger’s Best Arguments and Comebacks

Here’s a great compilation of the late Victor Stenger‘s best arguments and comebacks.

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Friendly Atheist Podcast Episode 73: Dr. Keith Devlin, Mathematics Communicator and Author

Our latest podcast guest is Dr. Keith Devlin, a mathematician who’s also known as The Math Guy on NPR’s Weekend Edition. He has written several books explaining math to the masses. And he’s also the co-founder and Executive Director of Stanford University’s Human-Sciences and Technologies Advanced Research Institute (H-Star).

We spoke with Dr. Devlin about why math is difficult to understand and explain, how we tend to know more about mathematicians’ lives than their work, and whether programs like Khan Academy help or hurt students.

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A Retired Bishop Says the Catholic Church Needs to Change, but His Focus is All Wrong

In the New York Times yesterday, Francis A. Quinn, a retired Catholic bishop, offered suggestions for how the Church ought to change moving forward. Membership numbers are decreasing by the day and something must be done, he says, to retain good leaders within the Church. He even says that “American Catholics are divided, primarily, by three internal church conflicts.”

What are they and how should they be fixed?

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