Richard Dawkins Says His Health Prevents Him from Attending NECSS Conference

For the handful of you still interested, Richard Dawkins has declined to attend the NECSS conference after being invited, then disinvited, then reinvited.

He said in a letter to emcee Jamy Ian Swiss, published on his website, that his health prevented him from attending the May conference:


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Tim Minchin Releases Song Urging Cardinal Pell to Return to Australia for Child Sex Abuse Inquiry

Cardinal George Pell is the Catholic Church leader who is allegedly responsible for covering up instances of child sexual abuse by priests in Victoria, Australia. He now lives in the Vatican, which is mighty convenient since the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse is currently investigating the matter. They want Pell to testify at the end of this month… but he’s really sick and can’t make it. Which is also very convenient.

That’s why there’s now an online fundraiser to send the victims to Rome so that, if Pell will at least testify there, he can do it while looking at the victims he (allegedly) put in harm’s way. And if he doesn’t testify or they can’t send the Australian entourage to Rome, the money will go to support a healing center for survivors in the city of Ballarat.

Comedian Tim Minchin just released a single called “Come Home, Cardinal Pell” — whatever he makes from sales of the song will go toward the fundraiser:


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Mississippi Legislators Want to Make the Bible the Official State Book (Again)

Last year, two Mississippi legislators set out to make the Bible the official State Book with House Bill 386:


It never came to pass, though. The bill died in committee before it could ever come up for a full vote.

Now, Rep. Miles and Rep. Evans are trying again. They’ve introduced House Bill 840, once again declaring the Holy Bible as “the official state book of Mississippi.”

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A Darwin Day Resolution Has Stalled in the Arizona Senate, but You Can Help Push It Forward

Arizona is one of the states where you wouldn’t expect a Darwin Day resolution to get very far, but that could change very soon.

State Senator Andrew C. Sherwood introduced SR1001 earlier this month. It’s a resolution similar to one he introduced last year in the State House, but that one didn’t make it out of the Rules committee.

The current version of the bill — co-written by physicist Lawrence Krauss, who lives in Sherwood’s district — looks like this:


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Christian Preacher Who’s Never Seen a “Woman as Good Looking as a $100 Bill” Endorses Donald Trump

Here’s an interesting split: If you’re an evangelical pastor, you might endorse Ted Cruz since he’s the guy who believes what you believe, is just as much of an anti-gay bigot, and thinks access to health care for women is something we have to eliminate.

But if you’re an evangelical pastor who thinks God wants everyone to be rich, then Donald Trump is your man. At least that’s the case for prosperity gospel preacher Mike Murdock, who endorsed Trump at a rally yesterday.

If you’re not familiar with Murdock, he’s the sort of guy who says that your credit card debt will be wiped out if you give him money, that “$1,000 cannot reproduce until it enters into a covenant with the soil” (by which he means his ministry), and that “I haven’t seen a woman as good looking as a $100 bill.”

So it’s a perfect match, really.


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