Campus Preacher Tears Up Qur’an to Show Students the Love of Jesus

A couple of weeks ago at Ohio’s Wright State University, a traveling Christian preacher named John Williams was yelling at students about the love of Christ… which isn’t all that unusual. What made his visit notable was that Williams, who’s part of a group called the “Quad Gods,” held up a Qur’an, said it was evil, and then tore it up.

Angry students chanting “God is love” tried to stop him from doing it. It didn’t work. After he ripped pages out of the holy book, one student tried physically attacking Williams, only to be stopped by campus police.

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Memories Pizza in Indiana Inadvertently Catered a Gay Wedding

Earlier this year, when Indiana was facing all sorts of backlash for its new law legalizing anti-gay discrimination, one of the companies making headlines was Memories Pizza in the city of Walkerton. The owners made clear they would not cater a gay wedding because it violated their Christian beliefs. Supporters raised nearly $850,000 in defense of their faith-based bigotry.

I bring that up because the company just catered a gay wedding (without their knowledge).

Robin Trevino and his husband had a wedding ceremony in Illinois in 2008, before their marriage was technically legal in the state. (They got an official license in Iowa the following year, though they didn’t get a chance to celebrate the occasion with friends and family.)

Because a comedy troupe Robin works with was going to do a show focused on Indiana, he figured it might be a good time to renew his vows. And you can’t do that without some food…

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These Videos About Kim Davis Sound Way Too Similar to Be a Coincidence

If you were going to write an article or make a YouTube video about the Kim Davis controversy, there are going to be several parts we’ve all heard before. You would probably mention her four husbands and the hypocrisy of denying people a marriage license because they’re in an unbiblical relationship. You would mention how she’s not really being persecuted for her faith. You would mention Mike Huckabee‘s involvement in her case.

It’s not a problem to mention all those things, even if everyone else has already said it before you. They’re relevant details.

But when you say all that the same way as someone else, using the same phrases and even the same mannerisms, you’re not offering your own take on the story. You’re not creating content. You’re copying someone else and taking credit for their ideas. Could it be an innocent mistake? Perhaps. But when it happens more than once (and you’ve been called out on it before), we have a serious problem.

That’s what disappointed me about this video featuring Scott Clifton (who is known on YouTube as “Theoretical Bullshit”) and Jaclyn Glenn.

All you really need to know is that Clifton made his video four days before Glenn made hers:

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Spanking Children Is Not Loving Even if God Commands It

The video below, part of The Atheist Voice series, discusses a Christian couple who were told they couldn’t adopt foster children because they spank their kids.

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Friendly Atheist Podcast Episode 74: Mrs. Betty Bowers, America’s Best Christian

Our latest podcast guests are the people behind YouTube sensation Mrs. Betty Bowers, America’s Best Christian.

Andrew Bradley is the creator and writer for If you haven’t seen the videos, Betty is American’s Best Christian, and she has a lot to say about traditional marriage, abortion, the upcoming elections, and so much more. She’s a hilarious parody of right-wing extremists. Andrew was also one of the main writers for Landover Baptist Church, a parody of a fundamentalist Christian church that featured articles that people still believe are real. He’s also the author of Welcome to JesusLand.

Deven Green plays Mrs. Betty Bowers. She’s a comedian, musician, and performer. She was also a comedy judge on RuPaul’s Drag Race.

We spoke with Andrew and Deven about how they collaborate, the kind of hate mail they receive, and the origins of Landover Baptist Church.

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