Two Men Arrested in Connection with Bangladeshi Atheist Blogger’s Murder

Last week, 40-year-old Niloy Neel (below), an organizer of Science and Rationalists’ Association of India, was brutally murdered by assailants in Bangladesh — they decapitated him in his home and cut his hands off. He’s the fourth atheist blogger to be killed in the country this year.

Late last night, Bangladeshi police arrested two men in connection with the crime:

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ISIS Uses the Qur’an to Justify Sex Slavery

In a terrifying story, Rukmini Callimachi of the New York Times shows how members of Daesh/ISIS believe it’s their God-given right to rape non-believers.

They justify this horror, no surprise, by quoting the Qur’an.

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Say “Hi-Diddly-Ho” to the Ned Flanders-Themed Heavy Metal Band Okilly Dokilly

A group of Simpsons-loving Ned Flanders fans have formed the Christian-iest heavy metal band ever. They call themselves Okilly Dokilly. And you should be intimidated by them. I’m not sure why, but just go with it.

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Planned Parenthood Has Sunk to New Lows

I can’t believe what they do to women these days…

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Diving Team Discovers “Flying Spaghetti Monster” Underwater

Turns out the Flying Spaghetti Monster doesn’t live “up there” at all. He’s been in the water the whole time:

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