Springfield (IL) Catholic School Policy Targets Parents Who Don’t Strictly Follow Church Teachings

Given all the talk about how Catholic schools are closing left and right due to low enrollment, you’d think they’d do anything they can to bring in more students. When they’re in the news, however, it’s often because administrators are firing gay teachers who commit the sin of getting married, even when the kids love them and they have the support of the parents.

In Springfield (Illinois), the Catholic Diocese plans to get even stricter. A new policy has created even more obstacles for students by punishing them if their parents aren’t meeting Catholic expectations:

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Are Conservative Christians More Prone to Sex Scandals?

Andrea DenHoed, who grew up in a Christian homeschooling environment, has a really nice piece up at the New Yorker connecting the dots between the conservative culture in which people like Josh Duggar (below) were raised to the numerous sexual scandals that have come out of it:

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Darrell Trigg, the Christian Party’s Presidential Candidate, is Somehow Still Around

We first posted about Darrell Trigg (below) last year, but he’s making the media rounds once again. He’s one of those no-name candidates who wants to become President,¬†and his platform for the Christian Party makes Sen. Ted Cruz‘s version of theocracy seem downright subtle.

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God Wanted Jordy Nelson to Get Injured, Says Detroit Lions’ Glover Quin

If you’re a football fan, you’re probably aware that Green Bay Packers receiver Jordy Nelson had a nasty fall in yesterday’s preseason game that resulted in a possible torn ACL. Nelson could be out for the season, a loss that would seriously hurt the Packers’ chances of making it to the Super Bowl.

Is there something the NFL should be doing to prevent these sorts of injuries, like a shorter preseason?

Absolutely not, says Detroit Lions safety Glover Quin. He knows why Nelson got injured: God did it.

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Pat Robertson: Today’s Stock Market Crash Happened Because God is Angry About Abortion

Did you hear about how the stock market took a huge dive this morning?

If you didn’t, that’s okay. We have Pat Robertson around to explain why it happened. It involved President Obama, Planned Parenthood, and whatever else Robertson spouts out when he can’t think of anything logical to say.

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