Virginia Tech Now Offers Funding for Religious Groups

Most colleges have a policy when it comes to funding student groups: You have to be a registered student organization in order to get any money. Once you’re officially registered (whatever that requires), you have access to grants, free meeting space, the ability to advertise, etc. Virginia Tech had a different policy for religious groups, [Read More...]

Illinois Family Institute Issues Ridiculous Back-To-School Warnings for Parents

Before you go back to school, the Illinois Family Institute wants to remind Christian parents everywhere how they can go after those damn teachers who challenge students’ thinking. No joke. Laurie Higgins‘ piece is entitled “Challenge teachers, not books” (PDF). Because, as we all know, teachers who discuss banned books are the real problems with [Read More...]

Cuckoo for Christ

I would buy it: (via Far Left Side) [Read more...]

My First and Last Video Blog…

At Foundation Beyond Belief, we want more people to join our Light the Night teams to raise $1,000,000 for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. And I made a video for it. I don’t do videos. I have no plans on doing more videos. But here you go: I don’t know how all those YouTube people [Read More...]

FFRF Awards 12-year-old $1,000 Scholarship and Activist Award

There have already been a couple of posts on this site about how the Hamilton County Commissioners (in Tennessee) have been praying “in Jesus’ name” at meetings. 12-year-old Maia Disbrow was one of the people speaking out against the prayers. Here’s video of her speaking to the commissioners: Good morning. My name is Maia Disbrow, [Read More...]