Oklahoma Atheists Were Featured on CBS Sunday Morning

For a couple of weeks now, the Oklahoma Atheists have known they would be featured in a piece about the “rise of the Nones” on yesterday’s edition of CBS Sunday Morning. What they didn’t anticipate, as no one did, was that their piece would be framed in light of an awful tragedy. It’s not a [Read More...]

New Church Billboard Gives Jesus a Rainbow Halo and Urges Him to Come Out

St-Matthew-in-the-City is the Auckland, New Zealand church known for their support of equal rights for the LGBT community and putting up the best billboards ever.

They just put up their latest one and it’ll no doubt stir up some controversy: [Read more...]

The Secular Student Alliance and Foundation Beyond Belief Comment on the Newtown Shootings

Yesterday, the Secular Student Alliance put out this statement in response to the tragedy: [Read more...]

Mike Huckabee: The Shooting is the Fault of Church/State Separation Advocates… and Gay Rights Supporters… and Obamacare

Not long after the Newtown shootings, Mike Huckabee went on FOX News Channel to claim that he wasn’t surprised by the carnage because “we have systematically removed God from our schools.”

Last night, Huckabee made another statement on his own show, explaining the first statement… [Read more...]

Is Evangelical America Really in Decline?

In today’s New York Times, pastor John S. Dickerson writes about “The Decline of Evangelical America” and why that’s happening:

Dickerson (at least in this article) entirely ignores the fact that people are pushing back against evangelical Christianity because we’ve found a better alternative: Reality. Atheism and its weak cousin “spiritual-but-not-religious” are no longer unfavorable options like they used to be. You’re no longer as isolated or shunned if you say you don’t believe that churches or any one religious faith has all the answers. Emphasizing “free forgiveness” won’t help when the idea that the death of someone two thousand years ago cleanses you of your sins is laughable from the get-go. [Read more...]