Creationists Think They Can Prove Dinosaur Bones Are Only a Few Thousand Years Old

Dinosaurs lived approximately 65 million years old… according to people who know what they’re talking about. But that fact flies in the face of Creationists, who believe the Earth only came into existence a few thousand years ago.

So what happens when Ken Ham‘s Answers in Genesis acquires legitimate dinosaur bones? His team will do anything it can to “prove” those bones are only a few thousand years old.

A couple of ranchers from South Dakota recently donated fossils from an Edmontosaurus (below) to the Creationists, and Ham and his colleague Dr. David Menton are excited to see what information is contained in the bones:

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The Intentions of the Charlie Hebdo Cartoonists and Pamela Geller Are Worth Discussing

A couple of nights ago, the American Freedom Defense Initiative and its director Pamela Geller hosted a “Muhammad Cartoon Exhibit.” As you know by now, two extremists began shooting their guns in the parking lot and were soon killed by police (who deserve a lot of credit for saving countless lives inside the building).

As Terry suggested the other day, you can find Geller odious while still defending her group’s right to host this contest.

But I want to bring up another question: Is there a difference between the cartoons at Geller’s event in Texas and those in Charlie Hebdo?


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Missouri Middle School Will Reward Students for Their Hard Work by Tricking Them Into Going to a Christian Ministry

In order to celebrate their hard work preparing for and taking the Missouri Assessment Program (MAP) tests, the eighth-graders at North Middle School in Joplin will be going to a sports complex with a climbing wall and video games this Thursday.

Good times!

That form is a little misleading, though, because the name of the place they’re going to isn’t “Victory Sports Complex.”

It’s Victory Ministry & Sports Complex. Which, believe it or not, is a ministry.

And then it gets worse.

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Atheist Pens Open Letter to the Mothers of the Garland Shooters

Godless Mom wrote a lovely open letter to the mothers of the now-dead shooters in Garland, Texas who were driven to kill others for drawing cartoons of Muhammad.

If that sounds like a strange setup for an open letter, just read it:

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Bill Nye Explains Holograms Through Emoji

A few months ago, Bill Nye explained evolution with emoji (infuriating Ken Ham), so it’s only right that this series continues by exploring holograms:

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