Man Orders Gay Son To Marry Woman to Collect His Inheritance

When I was younger, I really liked the T.V. show The Monkees.  Yes, it was 1995, so I was a bit behind the times, but that show is awesome and transcends time and space. Anyway there was one silly episode called “Monkees Mind Their Manor.”  Davy Jones gets called back to England to inherit some mansion but [Read More…]

Romney Ad Accuses Obama of Declaring War on Religion

The Republican National Committee has just released a new commercial accusing President Obama of being a big meanie-pants to religious people: So after the regular rhetoric of “Obama doesn’t share your values” — Side note: Am I the only one frustrated with the Religious Right’s hijacking of the word “values”? It infuriates me — they go into this little [Read More…]

Ultra-Orthodox Men Have a New Way to Shield Their Precious Eyes From Slutty Slut Sluts

You may have heard stories of the neighborhood in Brooklyn, NY that has a large population of Hasidic Jews.   Pictures of signs like this have surfaced: Or, more famously, there was this picture of the White House Situation Room as Osama bin Laden was being taken out: Apparently Hillary Clinton’s pantsuit was a little [Read More…]

Anti-Gay Marriage Protester Fail

This may be the weirdest protest attempt I have seen in some time. Michael Leisner decided to burn a box of Honey Nut Cheerios in protest of General Mills’ pro-gay marriage stance. You should just watch the video (embedding disabled) to see how that worked out for him. One out of every eight boxes of cereal [Read More…]

Saudi Arabian Olympian Will Have to Compete Without Her Hijab: Is That Religious Discrimination?

Guys.  I have the Olympic Fever.  I love the Olympics, and am thrilled that this is the first Olympics where every participating country is sending at least one female athlete! Notably, Saudi Arabia has sent two women: Sarah Attar, a 19-year old woman who has spent much of her life living and training in San Diego, CA [Read More…]