About Richard Wade

Richard Wade is a retired Marriage and Family Therapist living in California.

Edward Tarte, A Treasure In Our Own Backyard

There are a handful of people, some older, some younger, who just by the way they are, remind me of my best aspirations for myself, of the “me” that I’d still like to grow up to be.

Edward Tarte is one of them.


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Ask Richard: Atheist Sisters Brace For Rejection by Parents and Family

Should a young woman, whose Church of Christ preacher father looks down on her due to her acceptance of evolution, tell him she’s bisexual? (Her sister has also been treated the same way for her embrace of feminism.)

She desperately wants a relationship with him, but she also wants to be honest.


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Ask Richard: Are There Non-Religious Therapy Options for an Atheist Divorcé in the Bible Belt?

A recently divorced atheist living in the Bible Belt wants to know how to overcome depression when the only options he can find are Christian in nature. Richard Wade offers him advice without bringing God into it.


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Ask Richard: Atheist and His Religious Sister Need to Negotiate Agreement About Her Children

What should you do when your sister says atheists are a bad influence on her daughter, but invites you to religious functions? Should you attend or should you stand up for your own beliefs? Richard Wade offers his advice.


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Ask Richard: High School Student Faces Dilemma Over Reporting School’s Church/State Violations

Should a high school student report her school after teachers invited a Christian comedian to perform at an important fundraiser? Richard Wade has a sensible response for her.


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