About Terry Firma

Terry Firma, though born and Journalism-school-educated in Europe, has lived in the U.S. for the past 20-odd years. Stateside, his feature articles have been published in the New York Times, Reason, Rolling Stone, Playboy, and Wired. Terry is the founder of Moral Compass, a now dormant site that poked fun at the delusional claim by people of faith that a belief in God equips them with superior moral standards. He joined Friendly Atheist in 2013.

CBS Clickbait Post Implies Black People, Not Whites, Commit “Shocking Crimes”

It is a very unfortunate coincidence, if not an outright act of racism, to pick the mugshots of four brown faces to illustrate a low-information story on crimes committed predominantly by Caucasians.


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In Row Over Soccer Jersey, the Christian Deserves Our Sympathy (Yes, Really)

A Christian soccer player chose not to play during two games when her team would be wearing jerseys honoring LGBTQ Pride month. Should she be criticized for her decision?


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Bald Equals Gold: Why Superstitious Killers Hunt Bald Men in Mozambique

Just when I thought I could no longer be floored by superstitious hooey.


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A Crucial Thing Was Missing In Some Media Commemorations of the Pulse Massacre

While many media outlets honored the victims of the Pulse nightclub massacre one year ago, some of them failed to mention the motive of the radical Islamic terrorist who committed the horrible act.


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Terrorists Will Never Inhabit Our Monuments to Human Brilliance

We will commemorate the best among us in lovely museums that will never contain a bust or a painting either made by or depicting a single jihadist.


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