Sought For Murder, Indian Guru Was “Using His Devotees as a Human Shield” During Massive Siege on Ashram

One measure of Indian god-man Sant Rampal‘s specialness is that he liked bathing in milk during his meditations, after which the same milk was used to make kheer,

which was served to the followers saying this will bring happiness in their lives.

No disciples dared breathe an unkind word about this disgusting practice, as Rampal had long told them not to criticize him, and to consider any critic a liar.

Non-followers go quite a bit farther than merely “criticizing” him, however; Rampal faces charges including murder, attempted murder, conspiracy, and hoarding illegal weapons.

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The WW1 Christmas Truce: Rebutting the Notion That “The Power of God is So Great It Can Stop Wars”

Via the Facebook page of the Freedom From Atheism Foundation comes this British Sainsbury’s commercial. The FFAF’s comment:

The power of God is so great it can stop wars.

What, no obligatory dig at atheists? Ah yes, there it is:

Can’t say that about atheism.

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TV Program Brings Down Jesus-Magic Charlatan, Kenyan Pastor Victor Kanyari, Who Preyed on the Poor

For years, people flocked to Salvation Healing Ministry, pastor Victor Kanyari‘s church in Nairobi, and paid for the privilege — because the charismatic preacher healed the sick where doctors supposedly stood powerless. Visitors saw with their own eyes how Kanyari and his helpers would make believers’ feet ooze blood with the gentlest of touches — which, they concluded, was surely a miracle. What [Read More…]

Students in the Philippines Begin Convulsing, So Authorities Arrange For Exorcisms Rather Than Medical Help

Can’t immediately explain something worrisome? Must be the devil. Or evil spirits.

Some students of a public school in a mountain barangay in Cebu City [in the Philippines] were reportedly possessed by evil spirits.

The case seems to have started when

… 35 students from various grade levels suddenly collapsed and started convulsing while attending their classes. Mary (not her real name) said that before she was possessed, a spirit who identified himself as “Jake” spoke to her. Mary’s sister, a fourth grader, was also possessed by a spirit named “Maria.” Their mother believed that the possession may have occurred after the school reportedly cut down two mango trees to make way for the construction of a two-story building.

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Early Christians in Egypt Worshiped “Seth, the Living Christ”; Scholars Scrutinize Their Book of Spells

Using magic, how can you subjugate a male enemy? Easy:

[Y]ou have to say a magical formula over two nails, and then “drive them into his doorpost, one on the right side (and) one on the left.”

That bit of supernatural advice can be found in a mysterious, 1,300-year-old Egyptian codex that’s written in Coptic. (Somewhere, Dan Brown is in the throes of arousal.)

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