A Draft For All; Israel Finally Passes Law Forcing the Ultra-Orthodox to Stop Shirking Their Military Duty

Ultra-Orthodox yeshiva students in Israel have been exempt from serving in the country’s military since the nation’s founding. Military service is mandatory for both the irreligious and the moderately devout; but ultra-Orthodox Jews claim that when their children study the scriptures, they’re doing more important work for the country’s safety than those who serve as Hamas fodder.

“Let the other families sacrifice their children instead,” has been the thinking in these circles. “Ours are just too godly.”

But after years of debates and legislative wrangling, the free ride is over, reports the Huffington Post:

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Pat Robertson Says Watching Horror Movies or Porn Could Cause a Demon to Enter You and Crash Your Car

A 700 Club viewer named Michele revealed that soon after she’d watched a horror film, she got into a traffic accident. And she wondered:

“Did watching a creepy movie cause a curse, or the Lord’s protection to be lifted from me? Did I grieve the Holy Spirit?”

Host Pat Robertson wouldn’t be surprised if that’s exactly what had happened to Michele, he said.

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Greg Candelaria Is Very Important to God, Unlike the 239 People Who Were On the Ill-Fated Malaysian Flight

Greg Candelaria didn’t get on the Malaysian airplane that disappeared with all crew and passengers now feared lost. He was too tired from previous trips and decided to cancel his ticket.

The Houston-based IBM worker calls the fact that he’s alive the “providence of God”:

“The very grace of God and nothing more. It wasn’t a coincidence — it was by design.”

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Hasidic Slumlords Accused of Driving Tenants From Rent-Stabilized Apartments With Acts of Destruction

Where do atheists get their morality? Possibly from a better place than lots of people of faith get theirs. I wonder what would happen if you ran this story, devoid of religious identifiers, by 1,000 random adults and asked them whether they surmised that the sledgehammer-wielding landlords were atheists or devout believers. Anyway: Hasidic slumlords [Read More...]

Best Headline on the Web Today

Mirth via the Irish Times:

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