Christians Rejected This Atheist’s Donation, So He Raised Even More In Response

This was a truly incredible story of atheist generosity mixed with Christian hypocrisy, pride, and stubbornness.


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These Atheists Are Leaving Their Vandalized Adopt-a-Highway Signs In Place To Send a Message

After having their Adopt-a-Highway signs vandalized, the Tri-State Freethinkers painted over the black splotch someone painted. They’re not going to disappear just because someone doesn’t want them there.


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Iowa Atheist Group Donates $1,000 Worth of Science Equipment to Local Middle School

A lot of local atheist groups have no money whatsoever. They’re not always organized enough to have a budget (much less cash to spare). That this group found a way to help their community — with no strings attached, I might add — is incredible and an idea worth replicating elsewhere.


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Atheists Give $10,000 to UNICEF to Help Combat Famine in Somalia

Somalia is going through a dangerous famine that’s getting little attention. That’s why the Freedom From Religion Foundation is giving $10,000 to UNICEF, to play a small part in saving lives in the only world we have,


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New Zealand Satanists Launch “Soles for Satan” Fundraiser to Help Children Living in Poverty

Satanists in New Zealand are working on a campaign to help children living in poverty — because if they don’t do it, it’s not like God’s going to step in.


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