For those who didn’t think Letters to a Christian Nation could get any smaller, here it is. Sam Harris gets right to the point in this article he wrote for Newsweek. [tags]Sam Harris, Newsweek, Letters to a Christian Nation, atheist, atheism[/tags] Read more

On September 11, Newsweek magazine had an article on “The New Naysayers.” Now, the two other popular news magazines are catching up. Time’s cover story tomorrow is God vs. Science, which features a transcript of excerpts from a debate between Richard Dawkins and Francis Collins. U.S. News and World Report will also have an article on “The New Unbelievers,” referring to the triumvirate of Dawkins, Sam Harris, and Daniel Dennett. (Unbelievers? I’m sure they believe in something. Just not God…. Read more

This one hits close to home since Burbank, IL isn’t too far from where I live. After six months of deliberation, Nichole Schultz, a college student and atheist, no longer has to display her city vehicle sticker. The sticker displays a soldier kneeling at a cross. Which, according to the city, is not a symbol of Christianity. (Of course, if the cross was upside down, I’m sure Christians would rightfully be upset.) Burbank Mayor Harry Klein responded to all this… Read more

Is this how bad it sounds to people who don’t understand it? And the *ahem*… “lovemaking” scene with Richard Dawkins and Mrs. Garrison was priceless. The South Park guys, Trey Parker and Matt Stone, have said in interviews that they were going to poke fun at atheism this season, but I’m not sure any real point was made about it. Dawkins’ character came off pretty accurately. He was intelligent, trusting in science, and wanting to keep church and state separate… Read more

President of the National Association of Evangelicals (NAE)… head Pastor of New Life Church in Colorado Springs… One of the most influential Evangelicals in the country according to Time magazine… the guy who supposedly has a weekly telephone conversation with President Bush. And now, Ted Haggard is accused of having a three-year affair with a gay male escort. Never thought I’d be writing those words… Let’s not jump to conclusions about this. As of now, the accuser hasn’t produced any… Read more

The Secular Student Alliance will be hosting its annual conference on the Harvard University campus in Cambridge, MA next year, in conjunction with Harvard’s Humanist Chaplaincy. The Chaplaincy will be celebrating its 30th anniversary and symposium. This is bound to be a very exciting event! The SSA will be hosting a separate activist training session in addition to the main events and speakers. Which speakers, you ask? The tentative list currently includes: Salman Rushdie. Amartya Sen. E.O. Wilson. Steven Pinker…. Read more

Wow. Read the article. The poll gives us some information worth delving into. I found interesting the demographics that do believe in God: “People with no college education (62 percent) or who have some college education (57 percent) compared to college graduates (50 percent) and those with post-graduate degrees (53 percent)” People in all age groups 40 and over compared to people in age groups under 40 Maybe the most amusing part: 10% of people believe God is a hermaphrodite…. Read more

A little while back, a Christian named Matt sent me a Bible he thought I would enjoy. He wrote, “As a Christian it bothers me so much to hear how stupid Christians are. It’s all a numbers game and it’s just all about how many people you ‘share Christ’ with. And to all of them, that just means trying to convince people why Christianity is right.” The Bible he sent was a Holman New Testament (Personal Evangelism Edition)! Matt said… Read more

On Tuesday, November 14, the Center for Inquiry (CFI) will hold an event at the National Press Club entitled “Science and Secularism: Defending America’s True Values.” This will be the inaugural event for the Office of Public Policy (OPP). So far, the OPP already has three employees and is trying to raise nearly $1,000,000 for startup costs for the first three years. According to an email from CFI, the Office of Public Policy will focus on two issues: 1. Defending… Read more

The Sepia Mutiny, a blog for Indian people, made mention of Sam Harris’ endorsement (but not support) of Jainism as a more peaceful religion. They forget to mention he made the same “endorsement” in The End of Faith. But it is interesting to see Indians, often religious and certainly not the target audience for Harris’ book, respond to his take on Jainism. [tags]Sepia Mutiny, Jainism, atheist, Sam Harris, The End of Faith[/tags] Read more

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