Here’s hoping Kelly Helton keeps up the activism throughout high school and beyond. Read more

The BYU police department will finally be subject to more oversight. But it has a long way to go. Read more

This happened during a discussion on the importance of civility. Read more

The amendment allowing faith-based discrimination at federally funded adoption agencies was passed by Republicans (and only Republicans). Read more

Dwight Hammond Jr. already got away with breaking the law once. Why not try again? Read more

Rob Schenck used to be “militantly anti-abortion.” Now he wants other evangelicals to understand why he changed his mind. Read more

Matt Flynn, a former attorney for the scandal-plagued Archdiocese of Milwaukee, wants to be governor of Wisconsin. Democrats want him to withdraw from the race. Read more

The pro-gun leader made that awful comment (and many others) during an interview with a character played by Sacha Baron Cohen on Showtime’s “Who Is America?” Read more

Adam Fannin is doing far more damage to children than the people he condemns. Read more

Nouhe Bchiny says her father placed her in a mental institution in part because of her atheism. But there are conflicting reports. Read more

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