Five Christian Athletes Face Felony Charges After Allegedly Sodomizing Student

Wheaton College punished the accused students by making them write eight-page essays about their bad behavior. Read more

Ask Richard: Atheist Faces Emotional Abuse from Hyper-Religious Mother

Should the writer continue a religious charade just to keep the peace at home? Read more

Yes, Atheists Are Assisting with Hurricane Disaster Relief

Atheists help out of the goodness of our hearts. We don’t all feel the need to broadcast our lack of religion in the process. Read more

Turkey is Teaching Students About Evolution and Darwin for the Last Time

Evolution will be eliminated from high school textbooks next year as a more religious regime takes control of what kids learn. Read more

Survey Says an Astonishing 72% of People in Scotland Are Not Religious

No matter the number, the trend is very clearly moving away from religion. Read more

Senate Hopeful Roy Moore: God Will Unite Us All, Even the “Reds and Yellows”

We’ve seen what happens when evangelical Christians get access to power. Their God just makes everything worse. Read more

Christian “Prophetess” Blames Hurricane Damage on People Not Following Her Lead

If only more people had commanded the hurricane to get the hell out of Florida, everything would’ve been okay. Read more

Several SC Counties Paint Christian Crosses at the Sites of Fatal Accidents

This action dishonors the memory of any accident victims who are not Christian. Read more

Ken Ham Doesn’t Think Homosexuality is a Sin

Ken Ham blamed hurricanes on sin… but he denies ever linking hurricanes to homosexuality. That can only mean one thing. Read more

Christian Right Activists: Homosexuality is Unnatural Because Kids Find It Icky

Citing the “ick factor” says more about these two activists than the kids they’re maligning to advance their bigoted Christian agenda. Read more

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