Roy Moore’s Defenders Aren’t Doing Him Any Favors (Part 2)

One so-called “moral leader” questioned the credibility of the multiple women who have accused Roy Moore of hitting on or assaulting them. Read more

VA Politician Furious That Newspaper Edited His Letter Trashing Trans Opponent

Bob Marshall will have plenty of time to look for more “typos” starting this January when Danica Roem takes over his seat. Read more

Podcast Ep. 191: Why, Al Franken, Why?

We also talked about Muslim Barbie, whether Donald Trump really is good for the anti-abortion movement, and the Australian lawyer trolling an anti-gay Christian couple. Read more

Jim Bakker: Look At This Baby, Then Buy My Giant Buckets of Food

If my baby is starving, I’m not going to prolong its suffering by feeding it the most God-awful bucket food ever made. Read more

Rick Wiles: Liberals Are Forming a “New Nazism” To Kill Christians

I’ve had many conversations with atheists, LGBTQ people, and liberals… and somehow, the plan to round up the Christians and execute them never comes up. Read more

Jehovah’s Witnesses Owe $2 Million for Hiding Info on Child Sex Abuse

Protecting children is one of our most important jobs as a society. Religious groups that claim to uphold morals inspired by God shouldn’t be the worst at it. Read more

Bigots Say Starbucks Is Promoting Lesbianism, Somehow, On Its Holiday Cups

Conservative Christians are desperate to find a reason to boycott Starbucks, and this winter, some are claiming the company is promoting the LGBTQ “agenda” on their cups. Read more

Christian Groups Said Nothing as Teen-Groping Republican Rose to Power

Mainstream media reporters were willing to shed light on what Christian Right activist Tony Perkins wanted to keep hidden from the public. Read more

Alabama Gov: Roy Moore May Be a Child Molester, But At Least He’s Not a Democrat

To Kay Ivey, even a child molester with an “R” after his name is worth voting for as long as he stops a reasonable Democrat from taking the seat. Read more

Franklin Graham: Those Denouncing Roy Moore Are “Guilty of Doing Much Worse”

A better leader would put party politics aside and denounce Roy Moore, full stop. Read more

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