When you read something like this, the solution isn’t to turn to God. It’s to run the hell away before He catches up to you. Read more

Pastor Shane Idleman also waved his Bible and said, “I’ll give you this when you pry it out of my cold, dead hands.” Read more

In an act of corporate cowardice, Amazon succumbed to pressure from Hindu extremists. Read more

If God said it, and “someone” heard it, and Jim Bakker relays the story, it can’t possibly be made up. Read more

A bill banning a harmful, unscientific practice is apparently also going to ban the Bible, according to Christian conspiracy theorists. Read more

David Meade now says people quoting him as saying the rapture would happen on April 23 are just pushing “fake news.” Read more

She was a Christian who didn’t want to convert to Islam… and he took revenge. Read more

Ana Segovia’s three daughters, thankfully, escaped unharmed. Read more

His mother’s fact-free platitudes didn’t prevent her son from killing people. Read more

File this under videos you’ll never see in the Creation Museum. Read more

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