The Story of King David (As Explained By An Atheist Who Actually Read the Bible): Part Two

In a continuation of his most recent series, DarkMatter2525 retells the biblical story of King David. This time, he goes beyond the Goliath story to show us something far more disturbing…


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An Evangelical Icon’s Son Left the Faith; Now They’ve Written a Book Discussing Their Differences

What happens when an evangelical Christian leader’s son turns out to be an atheist? Tony and Bart Campolo have written a book discussing their differences — and how they refuse to let their beliefs get in the way of their love for each other.


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Fragile Texas Judge Sues To Get Out Of Watching LGBT Diversity Training Video

Texas Social Security Administration Judge Gary Suttles has filed a lawsuit against his superiors for creating a “religiously hostile environment” and violating his First Amendment rights… all for making him watch a mandatory video about LGBT diversity.


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Vancouver Christians Are Pushing Back Against Evangelist Franklin Graham’s Upcoming Appearance

Christian evangelist Franklin Graham, a man who routinely denounces Muslims, LGBT people, and atheists (but has plenty of praise for Donald Trump), is scheduled to speak in Vancouver next week as part of an event organized by the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association. But a lot of local Christians want you to know they don’t want him there.


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Chicago’s Field Museum Embraces Facts (and Evolution) in New Ad

It really shouldn’t be surprising to see staffers at a science museum embrace their appreciate for facts and evidence… but this is Donald Trump‘s America, where alternative facts rule the day and science is a four-letter word.


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