New Zealand Fails to Abolish Blasphemy Law (Even Though No One Is Defending It)

Until this law is repealed, it’ll continue to be a stain on the nation’s reputation.


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Ark Encounter Has Been Bad News for the People of Williamstown, Kentucky

The Ark has been a bad deal for everyone in the community, and not just because of the fake “science” Ken Ham presents to children and gullible adults.


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An Ex-Mormon Gave Her Visiting Teacher an Incredible Answer As To Why She Left the Faith

If only everyone who left a church could say something like this to the leaders who wonder why they left.


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Joel Osteen Under Fire for Making Texas Longhorns Gesture After Son’s College Graduation

There are 8032432 reasons Christians might be upset with Pastor Joel Osteen.

This shouldn’t be one of them.


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Hey, Look! We All Got the Same Results On Our Genetic Tests!

Whenever you need a good laugh, just think about Creationists using sites like and then getting mad at the results.


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