Why Don’t Christians Believe in Christianity?

Blogger Justin Paul Walters argues that even Christians don’t believe in Christianity, and he has ten reasons to back it up.


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Conservative Writer Slanders Late Transgender Parent: “I Still Don’t Think Gender Can Be Changed”

Transgender issues are more visible than they have ever been, and with heightened awareness comes heightened criticism. As someone who writes about LGBT issues, I am used to right-wing think-pieces bashing transgender people, I am used to the same old tired arguments about the nature of gender, and I am used to reading false accusations about transgender people in bathrooms.

What I am not used to is people who have a relationship with a transgender person — nay, people who have a deceased transgender parent — refusing to change their views or even open their minds the slightest bit to life experiences different from their own. But that’s what I came across in this piece by Denise Shick for the conservative Daily Signal.


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Ray Comfort: Those Subway Gift Cards I Had Earmarked for Atheists Will Go To the Homeless Instead

Yesterday, I mentioned that evangelist Ray Comfort‘s desire to train more than 1,000 Christians to proselytize to atheists at the Reason Rally was thwarted by police, who said a “protest” of that size required a permit and that the Christians would basically have to stay on the sidelines.

Plan B now will be for Comfort and his small crew of just over a dozen to chat with atheists individually.

But what about the $25,000 in Subway gift cards he was planning to give away?


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In Defense of Hate Preachers (Yes, Seriously)

I love this blog, and that includes the often smart and funny commenters who enliven it.

But I haven’t quite forgotten the chilling (and thankfully rare) occasions when the comments leaned in the direction of condoning violence, or even cheering it on.


What about hitting a hateful street preacher over the head with a baseball bat? Can anyone here get on board with that? I’m actually a little afraid to find out the answer.

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Christian Preacher, Known for Saying Women “Deserve Rape,” Assaulted by Woman with a Baseball Bat

Standing outside Apollo High School earlier this month, preacher Brother Dean Saxton said whatever he could to provoke the students.

But in video of his demonstration, things escalated quickly. At the 17:10 mark, while an adult is trying to talk sense into him, Saxton was assaulted by a student with a baseball bat:


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