In London, even faith schools that get government funding have to abide by certain guidelines. Ultra-Orthodox Jews are urging their leaders to reject the cash if it means they can’t teach Creationism. Read more

A bill that shouldn’t be taken seriously was written by a human joke. Read more

It’s a sad day when we can celebrate the continued teaching of science in science classes, but here we are. Read more

A formal ethics complaint has been filed against Idaho State Sen. Dan Foreman for screaming at college students who lobbied for a sensible bill he didn’t like. Read more

Protesters urged Idaho politicians to end the state’s faith-healing exemption that allows parents to choose prayer over medicine without punishment. Read more

Lauren Stuart killed her family before turning the gun on herself. Friends say it was getting disfellowshipped by the Jehovah’s Witnesses that drove her to do it. Read more

As long as religion is used to promote bad ideas, it deserves all the criticism it gets. Read more

The Christian side of this conversation happens every time there’s a mass shooting. Read more

In a state where Republicans control the House, Senate, and Governor’s office, this is a surprising but welcome turn of events. Read more

This Christian film was supposed to be a Bible-based blockbuster, but it failed. Read more

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