Chicago Sun-Times Interview

A while back, I did an interview with Susan Hogan/Albach, a reporter with the Chicago Sun-Times. For a few reasons (having nothing to do with my atheism or the article itself), it didn’t make it into the paper. But the interview is now up on the paper’s new religion blog, Divinity and Beyond. Go check [Read More...]

The Godless Girl

There’s so much shameless propaganda against atheists, I tell you! It’s been going on for decades. In this case, since 1929! Just look at this excerpt from Cecil B. DeMille‘s last silent film The Godless Girl: Apparently, our atheist heroine (actress Lina Basquette) falls in love with the head of a Christian youth group. (We [Read More...]

Now That’s Blasphemy

The title of Hazel Dooney‘s post explains it all. There’s also a possibly not-safe-for-work pic in the piece. Here’s a little teaser: … All were moulded in a soft, pliable, flesh-like silicon that was seductive to touch. I loved them. Still, despite being an atheist, there’s no way I’d use even faux-religious artifacts for self-stimulation [Read More...]

Religions of Comic Book Characters

Apparently there are comic book characters who are Jains, Hasidic Jews, Catholic (lapsed), and everything else you can imagine. The list is thorough and extensive. The atheist characters? Meh. Never heard of them. Except for Spiderman’s “arch-enemy,” the Green Goblin. (Even in fiction, we’re considered evil!) ***Update***: As Joel points out below, the superhero The [Read More...]

Brian Sapient Responds to Your Comments

After my posting yesterday about the Rational Response Squad’s more aggressive tactics, you all had a lot to say. Brian Sapient is responding. And calling you out. An excerpt: As for “deconverting” success, we counted no less than 150 emails and 50 posts on our forum in the last year from believers who–in full or [Read More...]