How Did Speech Go?

Since some of you had asked… our Speech/Forensics Team did wonderfully this weekend We won our Regional tournament and — more importantly — every competitor made it through to next Saturday’s (much tougher) Sectional tournament. So I’ll be staying at work extra late to get these kids as ready as possible for next week’s tournament. [Read More…]

Mormonism: The Cartoon

I honestly don’t know how much of this is accurate. I’d love to know what’s true and what’s not true. A lot of the Mormon beliefs depicted below fits in with my own understanding of the faith (not to mention the South Park Mormonism episode and Julia Sweeney‘s explanation of the faith from Letting Go [Read More…]

The Foundation of the Church

David Hayward admits that some Christian churches are built this way: You have to wonder how many rich pastors and televangelists would continue doing their job (preaching the Gospel?) if their salaries were reduced to what most of their audience makes. Would they have the conviction to keep preaching because “God called them to do [Read More…]

Open Thread: Public Abortions

Today’s the day my Speech kids compete at the Regional tournament against 10 other schools… the top 4 in each event make it through to the next round. My kids are talented. I’m a nervous wreck. Anyway, while I’m busy with that all day, I leave you this video from anti-choice activist Lila Rose, in [Read More…]

When Believers Are Like Drunkards…

A wonderful quotation on a terrific poster: (via The Jewmanist) [Read more…]