Honest Talk About the Safest Sex of All

You know you’re not going to get much useful or accurate advice on sex from the Christian Right. Even when conservative Christians say masturbation is not a sin, they add rules to when and how it must be done. Dale McGowan, author of Parenting Beyond Belief, offers much more realistic, honest advice about teaching your [Read More...]

Positive Coverage for College Atheists

Here’s a great article in the campus newspaper covering the Secular Student Union at the University of Washington. One thing the SSU does really well is connect with religious groups on campus for real discussions where both sides feels comfortable grilling each other on their respective beliefs: Last quarter, the SSU’s theme was religion outreach. [Read More...]

Philadelphia Anti-Superstition Party This Friday

If you happen to be in the Philadelphia area next Friday (the 13th!), you may want to stop by the Freethought Society of Greater Philadelphia‘s 2008 Anti-Superstition party! Here’s the info: It’s James Randi! How could you miss this? Hell, if you live on the West Coast, just buy a plane ticket and head to [Read More...]

Weekend Hiatus

School is over, grades have been turned in, and I survived my first year of teaching! Woo! Tomorrow morning, I’m off to DC for the World Humanist Congress (also the joint annual conference for several groups). Then, Monday is Lobby Day with the Secular Coalition for America (a day that tends to be relatively uneventful [Read More...]

The Spirit Doesn’t Always Catch You

A year ago, Matthew Lincoln was up at the church altar receiving prayer from a visiting pastor. Normally, there are “catchers” in the area in case you faint, fall, or “feel the Spirit.” But when minister Robert Lavala touched Lincoln’s forehead, Lincoln fell into the arms of… no one. No one caught him. Unless you [Read More...]