Where is the Cranston High School West Prayer Banner?

The is the banner at the center of the whole Jessica Ahlquist saga: This is the space where the banner used to be (taken in March): So we have to ask: Where is the banner now? It’s gone the way of the Coca-Cola formula. Only a few people actually know… It’s not just the banner’s [Read More…]

Well, I Won’t Be Getting My TV Fixed There…

From The Onion: (Thanks to Tetaw for the link!) [Read more…]

Two Priests Want Edward Tarte to Repent

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In a Minor League Baseball Promotion for Atheists, St. Paul Saints Will Become Mr. Paul Aints

Now this is how you do marketing. Forget billboards. The Minnesota Atheists and American Atheists are promoting their groups via a minor league baseball team, the St. Paul Saints: Our banners will hang in the stadium and we will rename the team the “Mr. Paul Aints.” The team will wear Mr. Paul Aints jerseys during [Read More…]

‘Atheist Chicks Are Easy,’ Says Conservative Talk-Show Host

There’s a Midwest Freethought Conference taking place in Omaha, Nebraska next month and conservative radio host Scott Voorhees wanted to talk about it on his show this week (MP3). (You can assume this won’t end well.) Among other things, Voorhees was mad that the University of Nebraska – Omaha was hosting the event — how [Read More…]