A Reason Not To Support the Salvation Army This Holiday Season

***Update***: The Salvation Army in Canada has put out a statement saying that what occurred in the Calgary branch is not in line with national policy: The Salvation Army has no policy against distributing Harry Potter or similar toys and, in fact, these types of toys are donated and distributed in some areas. Decisions about [Read More…]

A College with Two Atheist Groups

Boston University has two groups specifically for atheists: one deals with discussion and debate. The other focuses on dialogue with theists and community service. The campus newspaper sets them up as competitive, but I don’t know why that would necessarily be the case on a college campus: The disparate approaches of the two BU groups [Read More…]

Jesus Is…

It’s some clever marketing by The City Church near Seattle, but it can so easily backfire… So, help them out by filling in the blank. I don’t know if they’ll like my Sarah-Silverman-inspired submission… If you’re actually submitting something, you’re better off not being a jerk about it. (So don’t say “Jesus is a herpes-magnet.”) [Read More…]

The Brazos Valley Vuvuzela Atheist Marching Band

Brazos Valley (Texas) has an atheist marching band! And they play vuvuzelas. This is offensive to Tina Corgey — the atheist part, not the vuvuzelas. She’s upset because she has to explain to her kids that atheists exist. Really. … I spent many years teaching my children to love and respect other people and to [Read More…]

A Positive Story about Indonesian Atheists

There’s a nice article making the rounds dealing with atheists in Indonesia, a country where you’re apparently free to choose your own religion, as long as you believe in a god: Embedded within Indonesia’s constitution are the following two lines: “all persons have the right to worship according to their own religion or belief” and [Read More…]