Attack on Muslims Should be Condemned By All of Us

Here’s a story that deserves a little more attention. On Friday night in Dayton, Ohio, a “chemical irritant” was sprayed into the Islamic Society of Greater Dayton mosque — into a room filled with mothers and their children (some of whom were infants) gathering for Ramadan prayers. The 300 or so inside were celebrating the [Read More...]

Why I’m Now Afraid of 60 Minutes

Over the weekend, I spoke about my book and atheism at a monthly meeting for Chicago Mensa members — Mensa being the society for people with high IQs. When I arrived, cameras followed me into the meeting room… that was a bit weird, I thought. Why were cameramen there? I found out that 60 Minutes [Read More...]

Matt Bors to Draw for Free Inquiry

***Update***: Matt issued a retraction on his press release: “I have to retract my earlier press release about cartooning for Free Inquiry. My future contributions to the magazine were not as certain as I thought and they have informed me that I am not their regular cartoonist. My future with the magazine is uncertain at [Read More...]

Kay Hagan Pulls Ahead!

This blog’s favorite Senate candidate — Kay Hagan (Democrat) from North Carolina — has now pulled ahead of incumbent Elizabeth Dole in recent polls! You can help keep the momentum going by donating to Hagan’s campaign by clicking here. [Read more...]

God Prefers Atheists

We take care of our own problems! (via Rehabilitating Mr. Wiggles) [Read more...]