Are You a Secular American?

Dave Niose, President of the American Humanist Association, has a piece at Open Salon where reader can find out whether or not they are Secular Americans: If someone (other than your partner) wants to regulate your bedroom behavior, you can bet he or she isn’t a Secular American. If you feel there is too much [Read More...]

Combining Chatroulette with Science

Chatroulette is a site that lets you talk to an Internet stranger via webcam. It could be awesome. It could be incredibly disturbing. I take no blame for whatever you find on the site. In both cases, it’s addictive. You never know what you’re going to come across next (though it’s likely you’ll see a [Read More...]

What Secular Issues Would You Want to Discuss with the White House?

When representatives of the Secular Coalition for America met with White House officials last week, we had three items on our agenda: Military religious freedom: Ending religious discrimination, coercion, and proselytizing in the military Fixing faith-based initiatives: Making sure tax dollars are not going directly to houses of worship and that federal funds are not [Read More...]

Robert Ingersoll Live

At the Center For Inquiry in Hollywood, California last Sunday, a great figure from the Golden Age of Freethought gave a moving and inspiring account of his remarkable life. Robert Green Ingersoll, masterfully portrayed by actor and writer Richard McNally enthralled us with stories and speeches from his prime years from around 1860 to 1890. [Read More...]

In Defense of Smut for Smut

As I wrote yesterday, I’m not a fan of “Smut for Smut,” the stunt run by the Atheist Agenda group at the University of Texas at San Antonio in which people trade holy books in for pornography. Obviously, people disagree with me on this, including members of the Atheist Agenda group. I asked them to [Read More...]