Bakery Ad Replacing Jesus with Sausage Roll in Nativity Isn’t “Anti-Christian”

As one commenter said, we can finally sing, “O crumb, all ye faithful.” Read more

Who Are These Gay Guys Promoting Bigotry for a Christian Legal Group?

These gay guys are promoting legalized discrimination against other gay people. Do they understand that? Read more

Samantha Bee Urges Alabama Voters to Reject Roy Moore: “We Can All Do Better”

People like Roy Moore aren’t unique to Republicans, but Samantha Bee said it’s incumbent upon all groups to “kick out their own creeps.” Read more

After 60 Years as an Ex-Muslim, Syed Shares His Journey Out of Islam

He saw Pakistan get radicalized right before his eyes. Read more

Florida Megachurch Pastor Accused of Molesting 4-Year-Old Girl

This church should save its thoughts and prayers for the victims. Read more

Here’s a Much Better Way for the Irish Census to Ask People About Their Faith

These revised questions would result in far more honest answers about religion. Read more

Why Do “Decent” Christians Support the Toxic Roy Moore?

The Christians who continue to back Roy Moore really believe they’re fighting a spiritual battle. Read more

Here’s a Powerful Response to Franklin Graham’s Anti-Sex Education Platform

By fighting against comprehensive sex education in schools, Franklin Graham is making a serious problem much, much worse. Read more

Judge Throws Out Atheists’ Lawsuit Over WV School’s Bible Indoctrination Class

This case over a Bible indoctrination class was tossed on a technicality and the problem persists. FFRF should continue fighting this battle. Read more

Activists Stop MI Elementary School’s Teacher-Led Recess Bible Study

This is the second time in two years this District has been guilty of pushing the Bible onto children. Read more

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