Portland State University is Home to Saudi Atheists Who Must Keep Their Beliefs a Secret

Portland State University is home to hundreds of international students from Saudi Arabia… which sounds like an odd mix. What happens when you leave one of the most oppressive countries in the world to live, temporarily, in one of the more progressive cities in the West?

And what happens when you’re a Saudi atheist who will one day return to a country that could execute you for the “crime” of apostasy?


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Phoenix Firefighter Who Saved His Own Father’s Life Slams Atheists for Denying God’s Intervention

Derek Dee, a firefighter and paramedic for the Phoenix Fire Department, recently saved his own father from almost certain death. And then, while celebrating his team’s work, Dee chose to insult atheists and Agnostics, as if we’re stupid for denying the supernatural intervention that didn’t take place.


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Report: Ark Replica Isn’t Allowed to Leave Denmark Until Dutch “Noah” Pays His Bill

A Danish Noah’s Ark replica won’t be allowed to sail anywhere after the people who own it refused to pay the workers who repaired it.


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In Australia, Nurses Who Spread Lies About Vaccines Face Prosecution As Regulators Crack Down

It’s one thing for someone like Jenny McCarthy or Donald Trump to spread misinformation about vaccines — they’re celebrities, but no one would ever mistake them for medical professionals. But what happens when actual medical professionals are telling the lies? Regulators are finally cracking down on anti-vaxxer nurses and midwives.


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Meteorologists May Have Solved the Mystery of the Bermuda Triangle

Why have so many ships and planes been lost in the Bermuda Triangle? We may finally have an explanation, and it doesn’t involve anything paranormal.


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