Ken Ham Promotes Journal with “Cutting Edge Creationist Research”

Creationist Ken Ham made a laughable pitch to get you to read his pseudo-scientific magazine:


Much like Ham’s Creation “Museum” that isn’t really a museum, this “research” journal doesn’t offer anything in the way of research.

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Dave Silverman and Paul Provenza Discuss Atheism on The Rubin Report

American Atheists’ David Silverman and comedian Paul Provenza recently sat down for an hour-long conversation on The Rubin Report. The full episode is now online, in which they discussed religious extremism, politics, and the idea of “spiritual but not religious.”


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Humanist Bart Campolo Talks About Making the Most of the Only Life We Have

My friend Bart Campolo, one of the most inspiring atheists you’ll ever hear, gave a talk recently for Atheists United (in California) in which he attempted to answer a simple but important question: If this life is all we have, how do we make the most of it?


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Thanks to Witchcraft, Albinos Face “Extinction” in Malawi, U.N. Expert Says

When a superior civilization from a faraway planet finally makes it to Earth, I’m guessing that this will be on their Top-5 WTF list.

In countries like Malawi, Mozambique, and Tanzania, albinos are routinely hunted and killed. For reasons that don’t make the slightest sense, their paleness, the result of a skin-pigment deficiency, makes their severed body parts desirable for practitioners of witchcraft. White people, despite their often very similar skin tone, have little to fear. Albinos, sadly, have everything to fear — even extinction, says the U.N.


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The Neon Trees’ Tyler Glenn Powerfully Rebukes Mormon Church in New Music Video

The music video for Tyler Glenn’s new single “Trash” is a stunning rebuke of the Mormon Church.


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