Atheist Legislator in Arizona Blocked from Giving Invocation That Doesn’t Reference a Higher Power

In 2013, when Arizona State Rep. Juan Mendez delivered an atheist invocation on the House floor, the celebration was short-lived. One of his religious colleagues gave a second Christian invocation the following day. As if God would use it to offset the secular invocation in some sort of weird karmic rebalancing.

Things went a little better when Mendez delivered a secular invocation in 2014.

So when Mendez signed up in January to give the invocation that took place yesterday, you’d think there’d be no problem at all.

Instead, House Majority Leader Steve Montenegro blocked him from giving the speech, citing an unofficial rule that all invocations had to be made to a Higher Power.

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Michigan Senate Passes Bill Making Sodomy Punishable By 15 Years In Prison

You read that right.

Michigan is one of 12 states that has kept its sodomy bans on the books since Lawrence v. Texas outlawed such bans in 2003. And thanks to some suspect language in a new bill meant to stop animal cruelty, anyone who engages in sodomy — anal or oral sex, whether with a same-sex or different-sex partner — could be subject to major jail time.


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Atheist Alternative to Air Force Basic Training Church Gatherings Hits Record Attendance

A couple of years ago, Lackland Air Force Base in Texas began allowing Humanists a chance to gather on their own in lieu of attending church services during Air Force Basic Training.

Given that the previous alternative to going to church used to be staying back and cleaning the dorms, this was a welcome third option.

There were only 5 attendees when the alternative program got started.

And now?

They hit a new record over the past weekend with an astonishing 270 trainees and airmen attending a meeting.


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This is the Worst Game Ever, but I Can’t Stop Playing

Webb Pickersgill offers a review of one of the most frustrating games he’s ever played.

It’s called “Life.” And it’s really, really annoying.

You’d think the Developer would’ve worked out some of the kinks before shipping it out…


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In Britain, Muslim Women Undermined While Seeking Office by Muslim Labour Councillors

Pop quiz: You are a member of a left-wing political party, traditionally concerned with equality and women’s rights. What do you do when your male councillors stand accused of a sustained, decades-long effort to sabotage female candidates in their communities?

Follow-up: What if the councillors in question happen to be Muslim — who also happen to be among your most reliable voting bloc?

If your answer changed between the first and second question, you may just be fit to join Britain’s Labour Party.


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