How Are People Describing Ark Encounter? Let’s Just Say “Accurate” Didn’t Make the Cut

The crack research team at Answers in Genesis just put together a list of the top 7 words and phrases people are using to describe Ark Encounter. What’s on the list? Revolutionary? Educational? Accurate? Darwin, eat your heart out? Not even close.


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Julia Sweeney’s Excellent Reason Rally Speech is Now Online

Julia Sweeney‘s speech from last month’s Reason Rally is now available online. She does a great job of talking about why she’s a proud atheist. She doesn’t get angry. She doesn’t get loud. She just shares a shortened version of her journey away from Catholicism and why it was the most logical thing to do.


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Jesus, That Trick Never Goes Over Well

Jesus should’ve known better than to try and pull a fast one over an angry skeptic.


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Christian Preacher Proselytizes Outside CERN (But No One Seems To Be Listening)

Screampreacher Angela Cummings, who spent much of May yelling inside mostly empty Target stores about how their bathroom policies make God angry, recently visited CERN. CERN! Home of the Large Hadron Collider and birthplace of so many breakthroughs in particle physics!


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Dr. Jill Stein Is Anti-Science, Bad for the Environment, and Deserves Her Anti-Vax Label

I’m a strong progressive with socialist leanings. I’m an environmentalist working for biodiversity. I’m a naturalist and organic gardener, who lectures about gardening for wildlife. And it’s precisely for these reasons that I won’t be voting for Green Party candidate Jill Stein for President.


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