This Christian Used Tinder to Proselytize To Her Dates

She didn’t hide her faith on her Tinder profile, but there’s still something a bit bait-and-switch-y about her approach… Read more

Queer Disbelief, Our Book About LGBTQ Rights and Atheism, Is Now Out on Kindle

A book my friend and I have spent the past year working on is now available on Kindle and as a paperback! Check it out. Buy a copy or three. And leave a review! Read more

A Menstruating Woman in Nepal Died as a Result of an Irrational Hindu Ritual

The victim died while following a Hindu tradition that says menstruating women are unclean and can’t live with their families during that time of the month. Read more

Watch “Young Sheldon” Learn the Confusing Details About Catholicism and Mormonism

Sheldon learned that if you’re not already indoctrinated, a lot of religious beliefs sound absurd. Read more

An Atheist Gave an Invocation in the FL House, Celebrating Our Shared Humanity

“May your leadership be guided by integrity and compassion to uplift all people today and every day of this legislative session,” said Humanist Chaplain Tee Rogers. Read more

Iowa Legislator Compares Atheist’s Invocation Request to Supporting Abortion

Just because a politician is Christian doesn’t mean he gets to ignore his non-Christian constituents. Read more

Christian “Prophet”: God Will Destroy Kim Jong-un in 2018 Unless He Converts

Said Cindy Jacobs: “His time for being a dictator is over, unless he turns his heart to the Lord.” Read more

Christian Blogger Slams Oprah for Urging Women to Speak the (Non-Jesus) “Truth”

At the Golden Globes, Oprah told women to “speak the truth” about the abuse they’ve suffered at the hands of powerful men. One Christian blogger took a very different meaning from that. Read more

Republican Former Lawmaker Kills Himself in Response to Child Molestation Probe

Suicide isn’t always a cowardly act, but when you’re avoiding serving time for your sex crimes against children, it certainly is. Read more

Christian Missionary Gets 40 Years for Sexually Abusing Young Orphans in Haiti

There’s a certain amount of trust people have in missionaries, and that’s exactly what Daniel John Pye took advantage of. Read more

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