David Barton: If the Bible is Partly Accurate, Then It’s Entirely Accurate

Christian pseudo-historian David Barton had Creationist Ken Ham on his WallBuilders Live! radio show this morning to talk about the rainbow lights at Ark Encounter. That’s another story. But check out the introduction Barton at the beginning of the show (beginning at 1:45). It’s amazing how many irrational things he says in the span of a minute. … Ken had Answers in Genesis, and then he built the Creation Museum which is really high tech stuff, with the dinosaurs and... Read more

Ken Ham: The Only Cure for Racism is Jesus

In case you were wondering if any response to the racist march in Charlottesville, Virginia could be worse that Donald Trump‘s both-sides-ism, look at what Creationist Ken Ham tweeted this morning. Ham sounds like the old Stephen Colbert character, who always claimed he wasn’t racist because he just didn’t see race. In his head, it sounds great. In truth, he’s ignoring a very real problem by pretending it doesn’t exist. It doesn’t mean he’s racist, only that he’s ignorant of... Read more

I’m Not Gay Now (Despite “A Lot of Temptation”), Says Man to Anti-LGBT Activist

Michael Brown, an anti-LGBTQ activist writing at Charisma, has a “wonderful” story of a young man who broke free from the shackles of homosexuality. It turns out the man debated Brown on the issue of homosexuality years ago, but now he’s single, and totally not gay, and he has Brown’s book and Jesus to thank for that. He wrote Brown a thank you letter explaining all this, which Brown posted online. Sure, we never learn the man’s name so we... Read more

Joshua Feuerstein: The Real Racists Are At Planned Parenthood

As Beth wrote about yesterday, you can’t separate the white supremacy march from over the weekend from the presumed Christian faith of many of the participants. No doubt there were many Christians protesting the event, too, but there’s always been a biblical basis for the white supremacy movement. Evangelist Joshua Feuerstein doesn’t like that people are bringing that up, though. He’s almost as mad that people are saying the KKK is a Christian organization as he was when Starbucks came... Read more

Conservative Blames Atheists for Forcing Courthouse to Remove Religious Phrase

A few days ago, we learned the Nelson County Courthouse in Virginia would cover up the phrase “Virtus — Keep God’s Commandments — Veritas” which was discovered during a renovation of the old building. It was the right move since there’s no reason a secular courthouse should tell anyone to “keep God’s commandments.” But conservative commentator Erich Reimer doesn’t see it that way. To him, this is just an example of how “secularism takes localities hostage.” Because asking local governments... Read more

The White Supremacy March in Charlottesville: Liberal Redneck Edition

After the white supremacist march and subsequent violence in Charlottesville, Virginia, Trae Crowder, the Liberal Redneck, has a message for the folks who get turned on by the idea of the Confederacy. … There they are in full regalia, exercising their rights as Americans. “We’ve got a right to assemble here! We’ve got a right to protest that statue, fly that flag!” Buddy. Yes. You do. But. Screaming about your rights as an American while rocking the Confederate flag is... Read more

Donald Trump Plans to Make It Easier to Discriminate Against Trans Patients

Donald Trump is planning to reverse a piece of the Affordable Care Act that prevents physicians and hospitals from discriminating against transgender patients. That’s right, the self-proclaimed ally of the LGBTQ community wants to make life more difficult for transgender people, who have unprecedented rates of discrimination already (and suicide numbers to accompany that). He wants to make it easier to discriminate against one of the most marginalized groups. The proposed change will come from Trump’s Department of Health and... Read more

I’m Christian, But I Can’t Ignore My Faith’s Role in the White Supremacist Rally

Your social media feeds are likely inundated with posts from Christians eager to defend their religion against the stain of the white supremacists who stormed Charlottesville, Virginia over the past few days. They’ll use the hashtag #NotAllChristians. They’ll remind you, for the umpteenth time in two thousand years, that “real” Christians aren’t bigoted and “true” Christians look nothing like those in white hoods. I will not be one of them. Truth be told, I’m probably as annoyed by the refrain... Read more

Conservative Christians Are Flipping Out Over a Disney Cartoon with Two Gay Moms

The animated Disney Channel show Doc McStuffins aired an episode last week featuring a family with two moms. In the episode, the interracial family gets separated during an earthquake, only to be reunited by the main character. That’s it. The “two moms” thing wasn’t the point of the episode. It wasn’t highlighted. There was no “advocacy” of anything. They simply existed. Yet the Christian Right has been going bananas over it. Because showing the existence of lesbians obviously means Disney... Read more

Would You Let Your Religious Mom, Who Shunned You Decades Ago, Meet Your Kid?

Well, this is awkward. According to a post on the ex-Jehovah’s Witness subreddit, a young man was disfellowshipped by his own mother when he was 19. She broke off all contact with him because he left the faith. She didn’t even attend his wedding. He’s 38 now and has a two-year-old daughter, and out of nowhere, the mother wrote him a letter requesting to meet her granddaughter. I hope you are well. I’m writing to you because I want to... Read more