I had no idea the party of gun control, vegans, and universal healthcare was so hell-bent on murder. Read more

Judge James Ho didn’t hide his personal feelings about abortion in a recent ruling that will ultimately harm women. Read more

This is news to bisexuals everywhere. Read more

Their logic amounts to seeing a newborn baby, then denying anyone gave birth to it because there were no video cameras in the delivery room. Read more

Jesus won’t tip the scales in today’s race, but voters ignorant enough to get duped by Christian propaganda might. Read more

Once again, a supposed miracle turns out to have a perfectly natural explanation. Read more

This is illegal and despicable behavior from anyone, much less someone working for Mother Teresa’s Missionaries of Charity. Read more

If this is what good Christian judgment looks like, there’s no reason to trust these men about anything. Read more

Here’s hoping Kelly Helton keeps up the activism throughout high school and beyond. Read more

The BYU police department will finally be subject to more oversight. But it has a long way to go. Read more

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