Which bill offers the most egregious example of religious overreach in government? Read more

One evangelical writer said, in complete sincerity, that the way to keep teenagers in the church was to “stop pretending and start living in reality.” Read more

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This man never should have been in charge of students’ education. Read more

Christianity is dangerous and a threat to the general public. Read more

Conservative Christian Matt Barber says Billy Graham wasn’t included in the Oscars’ “In Memoriam” segment because Hollywood hates him. I can think of another reason. Read more

This sort of thinking is why Rick Saccone deserves to lose today’s special election in Pennsylvania. Read more

He didn’t care about the law when he wanted a giant cross, and it’s clear he still doesn’t play by the rules. Read more

Shouldn’t public safety concerns override religious objections to vaccines? Read more

These are strong words from former Irish president Mary McAleese. She’s a Catholic desperate for substantive change in the Church. Read more

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