In Settlement, Texas Atheist Agrees His Anti-Cross Lawsuit Was “Vexatious and Without Merit”

A few years ago, I had a brief obsession with Patrick Greene. He’s an atheist from Texas who alienated many in our own community, got help from Christians when he needed eye surgery, ignored the help given to him by atheists, told the Christian media that he had converted to Christianity, and then deconverted back.

Besides constantly flip-flopping on faith for reasons that have nothing to do with reason, he was known for filing a lot of lawsuits, many of which were frivolous. For example, he filed a lawsuit against Ray Comfort for selling a bumper sticker that said April Fool’s Day should be called “National Atheist’s Day.”

You know things are bad when atheists have to defend Ray Comfort’s freedom of speech.

His latest lawsuit was over a 19-story-tall cross in Corpus Christi. The groundbreaking ceremony for the attraction took place in early February and some local government members were on hand for it:

This is a different giant cross. Because there can never be enough of them.

This week, both sides reached a settlement. And Greene deservingly got the short end of the stick.

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Principal Charged in Cheating Scandal Said Kids’ Scores Improved Because She Prayed For Them

A couple of years ago, in Mississippi’s Clarksdale Municipal School District, teachers noticed that their students, whose standardized test scores were through the roof, weren’t performing that way in the classroom.


A principal has now been charged in the cheating scandal, but not before she told state officials that the kids’ scores improved because she prayed for them.

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Christian Extremist: Women Who Have Abortions Should Be Shot By a Firing Squad

The last time we saw Christian extremist and one-man hate group Theodore Shoebat, he was saying that women who have abortions were “sluts” who deserved the death penalty.

In his latest video, he’s even more explicit about how women and their doctors should die.

He wants them all to be put in front of a firing squad:


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KKK Distributes Anti-Transgender Fliers in Alabama: “Use a Tree Out In the Back Yard”

According to WTVY in Dothan, Alabama, this anti-transgender flier, allegedly from a KKK-affiliated group, was being distributed in a local neighborhood:


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These Colorado Pot Smokers Just Made Us an Offer We Can’t Refuse

Legalizing marijuana will have one wonderful side effect that goes way beyond getting blissfully baked. All is revealed in this Stevedore Comedy video, at 1:26:


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