Atheist Group’s New Billboards Urge Doubters to “Make Christmas Great Again” By Skipping Church

American Atheists just revealed their 2016 holiday billboard campaign. Once again, they’re urging people who are on the fence about religion to skip church.


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Satanic Activist Reveals Trump-Themed Festivus Pole Which He Hopes To Set On Fire

Satanic activist and general provocateur Chaz Stevens just installed a “Distress-ivus Pole, the Orange Hindenburg Edition” — referring, of course, to President-elect Donald Trump — outside of Deerfield Beach, Florida, right next to a Nativity scene also on the property.


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Seven People Have Died from the Tennessee Wildfires, But At Least This Statue of Jesus Is Okay!

The East Tennessee wildfires have already taken seven lives and caused an incredible amount of destruction to homes and other buildings… but don’t worry about all that, because in one home, a statue of Jesus was merely charred.

It must be a sign that God loves us!


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Ohio Judge Rules Against Atheists Who Sued to Remove “In God We Trust” from U.S. Currency

Nearly a year ago, Michael Newdow, the atheist who fought all the way to the Supreme Court to remove “Under God” from the Pledge of Allegiance, filed another lawsuit to remove “In God We Trust” from U.S. currency.

That attempt came to a temporary end yesterday as an Ohio judge ruled against him.


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Oregon School District Unfairly Criticized After Asking Teachers Not To Go Overboard with Santa

The Hillsboro School District in Oregon sent a perfectly sensible memo to staffers this week, and it’s already getting blown out of proportion, as media outlets are reporting that the District has effectively “banned” Santa from the classroom.


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