Don’t Get Fooled By This Catholic Church That Supposedly Has a Pro-Gay Message

A Catholic Church in Scotland is getting a lot of praise for remarks they made about homosexuality… but no one should be fooled by the window dressing.


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If the Boy Scouts Had Any Credibility Left, They Threw It Away at Jamboree

Donald Trump turned a patriotic, uncontroversial speech into a political rally. And the Boy Scouts were right there with him.


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Creationists Have Sold Ark Encounter (Again) To Get a Tax Rebate (Again)

Ark Encounter is a for-profit enterprise once again.

I guess the prospect of losing $18 million in tax rebates from the state — due to the Creationists’ own incompetence — was too much to take, so they reversed course.


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Michele Bachmann: Donald Trump is a “Man of Prayer” Who “Hasn’t Taken a Day Off”

It’s not surprising that former Republican Congresswoman Michele Bachmann is defending Donald Trump. What’s surprising to me is how she’s defending him.


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Conspiracy Theorist: A Third of the Government is in a Satanic Pedophilia Cult

What percent of the government would you say is part of a Satanic pedophilia cult?

Right-wing commentator and conspiracy theorist Liz Crokin puts the number above 30%. Because that’s what her investigative reporting tells her.


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