California State University Give Stamp of Approval to Christian Groups Who Want to Discriminate

For a couple of years now, Christians have been fighting to obtain special rights on college campuses that allow them to discriminate against certain kinds of students while still reaping the benefits of being official campus organizations.

A year ago, we saw it happen at Bowdoin College in Maine, when leaders of the Bowdoin Christian Fellowship were about to lose their designation as an official campus group (with all the privileges that came with it) because they really really really wanted to make sure nobody who supported LGBT-rights had the opportunity to become a leader of their group. School administrators, on the other hand, refused to allow official campus groups to discriminate for any reason.

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Christian Writer: God Wants Husbands to Withhold Money from Their Wives as Punishment

Nothing says “functional relationship” quite like punishing your stay-at-home spouse for perceived wrongs by cutting off all access to the family’s finances.

I’m sorry, did I say functional? I meant abusive.

This, however, is precisely the sort of relationship championed in a recent post by the anonymous advocate for Biblical family values at (You may remember his marital rape apologetics from last month.)

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Arizona Sheriff Will Send Armed Guards to Black Churches Tomorrow Whether They Want Them or Not

Tomorrow morning, when black congregations will once again gather for what will surely be emotional church services, Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio (who has a racist past of his own) has announced how he plans to protect those churches in his part of Arizona.

He’s going to “send armed volunteer posse members” to those churches.

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It’s Part of God’s Plan

Cartoonist Jim Benton explains what’s going through God’s mind…

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These Christian Apologists Say Asking People About How They Think is an Attack on Faith

I’ve posted several videos featuring Anthony Magnabosco walking up to strangers and chatting with them about their religious beliefs and how they came to them. It’s called Street Epistemology.

Christian apologists Dr. Tim McGrew and Tom Gilson recently told audiences that this approach was akin to playing the knockout game and amounted to “baseball bat-level engagement.” (They were referring specifically to Peter Boghossian‘s book.)

Both are ridiculous charges and Magnabosco shows you why in this video:

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