Another Female Interviewer on a Muslim News Show Dares Defy a Male Guest

Female Muslim TV hosts are beginning to make a delicious habit of their uppity insolence.

Last month we enjoyed the spectacle of a Saudi TV host losing her composure and laughing in a male guest’s face when he proposed something absurdly sexist and offensive.

Now it’s the turn of interviewer Rima Karaki of Lebanon’s Al-Jadeed TV. When she attempts to rein in her loquacious, time-wasting guest, London-based Islamist Hani Al-Sibai, the man quickly goes from irritated to upset to nasty.

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In the Footsteps of the Prophet, Australian Muslim Marries a Child — and Pays the Price For It

For some reason, the perpetrator’s identity is being kept secret. But let’s call him Mr. Mo, in recognition of the self-proclaimed prophet who, just like Mr. Mo, was a passionate pedophile.

From the Sydney Morning Herald:

A Lebanese man [residing in Australia] was “determined” to marry a 12-year-old girl he saw in a mosque, despite being told it was illegal.

Mr. Mo succeeded in marrying the preteen girl and consummating the relationship, after he

… embarked on a “determined and deliberate pursuit of the girl” and with the help of one of her relatives, organized for a ceremony to take place at a private home on January 12, 2014.

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A Redditor Who Said “Oh My God” Got This Corrective Letter From a Christian

After using the phrase “Oh my God,” Redditor PreepyCasta received this amazing passive-aggressive note from an anonymous Christian well-wisher:

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It’s All Part of God’s Weird Plan…

We’ve all been there:

Click over to see what God’s plan looks like.

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Religious Charities Are Preventing Raped Migrant Children from Accessing Emergency Contraception

“Why do you spend so much time talking about a God you don’t believe in?” The question is sometimes asked with genuine curiosity, but in my experience, it’s usually meant to delegitimize criticism of religion by casting doubt on the critic’s motives. Speaking for myself, the answer is simple… it’s largely because of the gut-wrenching prevalence of stories like this one, from Think Progress, that I’m vocal about my disbelief.

Examining the push by faith-based charities to prevent migrant children who have been raped from accessing emergency contraception and other such care, Esther Yu-Hsi Lee writes:

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