Even in the South, Churches Don’t Have as Much Power As They Used To

Despite the amped up rhetoric from the Religious Right, religious belief is on the downswing in this country. Jay Reeves of the Associated Press recently took a look at the impact of that trend in the South, and his points are encouraging:

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Pastor Inadvertently Says He Invited Creationist to Speak at Church to “Contradict Education”

On Saturday night, Rev. Paul E. Veit spoke to New Life Community Church in Pennsylvania all about Creationism. While none of that is particularly newsworthy, it’s a bit entertaining to learn why “Dr. Dino” was brought in to speak to the church members:

Dave Elick, pastor of New Life Community Church, said he brought in Veit to “contradict education” especially for younger people.

That may be the best explanation I’ve ever heard for Creationism: It “contradicts education.” Just as it contradicts “facts” and “reality.”

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Zombie Nativity Scene Draws $500 Fine from Ohio Town

Last year, Ohio resident Jasen Dixon put up a Zombie-themed Nativity scene at his home, only to be told he had to take it down because it violated local ordinances about size and location of such displays.

Dixon didn’t take it down, but he responded as any good internet-dweller would: He vowed to make this year’s Nativity scene bigger and better — and compliant with the law. He even started an Indiegogo campaign to raise money for his project, netting $878 in the process.

His display is finally back up! But not without controversy.

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Ted Cruz Tells Crowd a Tale of Religious Persecution That Turns Out to Be Completely False

It’s not like we don’t know that Ted Cruz has a long and storied history of playing fast and loose with the facts. His fans may not mind, but of the statements by Cruz that have been evaluated by Politifact, the website rates only 5% of them as true, and only 34% as true, mostly true or half true. That means the remaining 66% are either mostly false, false, or pants-on-fire false. In short, Cruz is more a truthiness kind of guy than a truthful one.

Cruz once again flaunted his aversion to accuracy at a campaign event yesterday, telling the kind of religious persecution story that Todd Starnes dreams of.

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A Rap Song About the Causes of Climate Chaos

Baba Brinkman, the man behind the “Rap Guide to Evolution,” will soon release the “Rap Guide to Climate Chaos.”

Here’s the first single, “Make It Hot“:

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