Cards Against Humanity: Christian Edition

I’m used to seeing D-rated Christian versions of secular pop culture, like movies, music, and video games… but I wasn’t expecting this one: A Christian version of Cards Against Humanity:

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I’m Scheduled to Appear on CNN This Morning

Just another heads-up: Barring some breaking news like last week, I should be appearing with my friend Rachel Held Evans on CNN’s “New Day Sunday” at approximately 8:30a (ET) today to talk about why millennials are leaving church.

I’ll post video when it’s available!

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Pentecostal Preachers Tell HIV Patients to ‘Rely on God’ Instead of ‘Take Your Medicine’

We know how bad things get when Christian Science practitioners fail to take their children to doctors because they believe God will heal them. Curable problems become death sentences.

Now, according to BBC News, we have a new problem to deal with: Pentecostal preachers who tell HIV patients to stop taking anti-retroviral drugs. The Children’s HIV Association surveyed 19 doctors and health professionals who work with children and babies and what they heard was shocking:

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Newsweek Features James Randi and The Amazing Meeting in Latest Issue

Michael Moynihan went to The Amazing Meeting and wrote a long feature in Newsweek on James Randi, skepticism, and the movement’s overlap (or not) with atheism:

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Hawaiian Atheists’ Lawsuit Alleges That Churches Have Deprived Public Schools of $5,600,000

Mitch Kahle, founder of the Hawaii Citizens for the Separation of State and Church, has been a successful activist for a few years now:

In 2010, he protested an invocation prayer in the Hawaii State Legislature and won a lawsuit after being roughed up and arrested by police for “disorderly conduct.”

Last year, after a public school partnered up with a local church to raise money for a Christian charity, he wrote a letter to the Department of Education and stopped the Constitutional violation.

This is a guy who knows how to stand up for his principles, even if they’re unpopular.

Now, along with his partner Holly Huber, he’s tackling his biggest case yet.

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