This Book’s Plot Just Doesn’t Make Any Sense!

As far as book reviews go, I have to admit: this one really captures the essence of its subject:

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Teresa MacBain, a Pastor-Turned-Atheist, Celebrates Her One Year ‘Coming Out’ Anniversary

One year ago, for the first time in her life, Teresa MacBain told the assembled crowd at the American Atheists Convention that she didn’t believe in God… and this is what happened:

I didn’t know anything at all about you [atheists]. I had never seen your faces. You were just “those people.” And I was the one on the right track. And you were the ones that were gonna burn in hell… and I’m happy to say as I stand before you right now, I’m gonna burn with you!

Teresa founded the Clergy Project (for other pastors who were questioning faith or had secretly become atheists), later became the Public Relations Director for American Atheists, and now serves as the executive director of the Humanists of Florida Association.

Quite a run for an ex-pastor.

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Black Atheists Search for Community in Orlando

The state of the black church is still strong, but a sizable percentage of African-Americans are losing their faith — the most recent count (PDF) by the Pew Research Center in 2012 put the number at 15% unaffiliated:

Jeff Kunerth of the Orlando Sentinel spoke to members of a local black atheist group to find out what their experiences were like: [Read more...]

Latino Atheists Search for Community in Chicago

We talk about the importance of reaching out to minority atheists all the time, but more often than not, “minority” as we use it just means “black.” Latino atheists are usually ignored in that context.

WBEZ’s Aurora Aguilar spoke with some Latino atheists in Chicago about their transitions into atheism and what they’re searching for:

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It’s Not Going Away…

… so Christian pastors who oppose equality will just have to learn how to deal (with their shrinking congregations, loss of power, having to bear the cross of “bigot,” fighting a losing battle, etc.):

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