Fareed Zakaria to Bill Maher: Your Criticism of Islam May Result in “Applause Lines” But It Won’t Create Real Change

In one of the more interesting discussions on Islam I’ve seen on Real Time with Bill Maher, panelist Fareed Zakaria challenged Maher on things he’s said about the faith. They actually agreed on some general criticisms of the faith, but Zakaria focused on Maher’s tactics, like using Sam Harris‘ words and calling Islam the “mother lode of bad ideas.”

If Maher really wanted to see actual change take shape, Zakaria suggested, insults like that weren’t helping.

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Polish Filmmaker Explores Symbol of “Religious Lunacy” in Warsaw

Polish filmmaker Zenon Kalafaticz just posted a video about the “greatest symbol of religious lunacy” in Poland: The Temple of Divine Providence.

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A Spanish-Language Guide to Coming Out as an Atheist

Openly Secular just put out a guide for coming out as an atheist when you’re African-American.

I should’ve also mentioned that they released a Spanish-language guide for how to come out:

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An Atheist (Who’s Still Officially a Mormon) Reminds Us That the Church’s Membership Numbers Are Inflated

Last week, the Mormon Church announced that its total membership was 15,372,337.

The problem with that number is that it’s *really* hard to leave the Church. They make you jump through a lot of hoops, and it’s a lot easier for some people to just walk away quietly without ever telling anyone.

Justin is one of those people who remains on the Mormon membership list despite being an atheist, and he wants to remind everyone what some “Mormons” really believe:

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Two Creationists Joke About Atheists’ Focus on God, Not Realizing It’s Because of the Awful Effects of Their Groups

This video is incredible.

It begins with a six-minute discussion in which Creationist Ken Ham and American Family Association President Tim Wildmon complain about how Christians are totally persecuted these days. Example? These two gay guys recently asked a baker to make them a wedding cake. And they presumably offered money for her services. And she said no because gay people are abominations. And the state said she can’t do that. CAN YOU BELIEVE IT?!

But then, the two of them got off script for a bit and started riffing on the Freedom From Religion Foundation and atheists in general (around the 6:13 mark).

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