God Leaves an Impression: Louisiana Man Wanders Through Nature, Finds Uncanny Sign From Above

The Almighty rewarded a devout Louisiana surveyor with a glimpse of a heavenly creature, an encounter that gave the man goosebumps and a spot on the nightly news.

When Randy Marks went to work Wednesday morning, he never dreamed he would have a close encounter with what he calls “someone from above saying, ‘Hello.’” … What he saw was a fossil. Marks has found hundreds in his career, but this one was different.

“As I picked it up and I saw it, to me, it looked like an angel. Actually, a bald-headed angel.”

Heaven’s wig shop was evidently back-ordered when God took the angel’s imprint and placed it in a riverbed for Randy Marks to find.

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The Woman Who “Audited” an Evolution Exhibit Just Did the Same Thing with the Brookfield Zoo

Megan Fox — the one who gives the other Megan Fox a bad name — has done another “audit” of something she knows very little about. What really makes this whole series *pop* is how she’s so fully convinced she’s uncovering a conspiracy when she actually just showcasing her own ignorance. There’s a Sarah Palin-esque attitude she has that screams: If I don’t get it, it must be wrong.

So enjoy Megan Fox’s visit to the Brookfield Zoo:

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Atheist Billboards in Tennessee Say: “Dear Christians, I Share My Toys. Why Won’t You Share the Season?”

The billboard wars are on in Tennessee.

First, American Atheists put up this controversial holiday billboard in several religious cities around the country, including Memphis:

Eric Hart, a Christian in the area, decided to respond with a sign of his own. So he did some online fundraising and ended up with the following digital ad, which has all the design finesse of a Christmas sweater:

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A Love Song for Science

This video by AsapSCIENCE is adorable. And nerdy. And educational. And awesome. But mostly awesome.

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Michigan House Passes Bill That Will Allow Discrimination If It Conflicts With Your Religious Beliefs

Yesterday, the Michigan House passed a version of the Religious Freedom Restoration Act that would essentially allow people to get away with discrimination if it conflicts with their religious beliefs. (A similar bill was vetoed earlier this year in Arizona by Governor Jan Brewer.)

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