One In Four British Muslims Thinks That Attacks on Mohammed Cartoonists and Their Publishers Can Be Justified

From the U.K. Telegraph:

One in four British Muslims sympathize with terrorists behind the Charlie Hebdo attacks, a new poll shows.

A poll reveals how a significant minority of Muslims endorse terrorist atrocities against those who mock the Prophet Mohammed.

Some 27 percent of British Muslims said they have “some sympathy for the motives behind the attacks” on the Paris magazine, according to polling by ComRes for the BBC.

A further 32 percent said they were not surprised by the attacks. Some 11 per cent said that magazines which publish images of the Prophet Mohammed “deserve to be attacked.”

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American Atheists Will (Once Again) Have a Booth at CPAC, the Conference for Fringe Conservatives

Last year, to the frustration of many, American Atheists decided to purchase booth space at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC).

Why bother reaching out to the most conservative Republicans out there? This is what AA said at the time:

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If You Illustrate Bible Passages, They May Look Like This…

Turns out if you illustrate certain passages in the Bible, they make even less sense than when you read them directly:

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Finnish National Broadcaster to Devote 30 Hours of Radio to Reading and Discussing the Entire Qur’an

Starting next month, on Finnish public radio, the Qur’an will be read out loud. In its entirety.

The country’s public broadcaster, Yle, has divided the reading into 60 half-hour segments, including a discussion between two experts on the context and meaning of each part. Beginning on 7 March, the project is “intended to increase people’s knowledge of the Koran and Muslim culture in Finland”, Yle says on its website.

A leader from Finland’s Muslim community, Imam Anas Hajjar, will discuss each section with Professor Jaakko Hameen-Anttila, who translated the text into Finnish. “It is important that the Koran is read in its entirety, and not just select items that show that Islam is bad and violent or good and beautiful,” says Mr. Hameen-Anttila. “All of the text material is served up for the listener to assess.”

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ISIS Captures Up To a Hundred Christian Hostages, Calling Them “Crusaders”

Yesterday, suddenly, acts of warfare and terror became more than academic to Osama Edward of the Sweden-based Assyrian Human Rights Network. Christian relatives of his in Syria had disappeared.

[He] told the BBC that his wife’s elderly aunt and her cousin were among the hostages. “My wife tried to call her cousin’s house and there was somebody who picked up the phone and said: ‘This is not Akram’s house. This is the Islamic State’s house‘.”

The aunt and cousin weren’t the only ones. Other human-rights organizations reported that between 70 and 100 women and children had been taken hostage in multiple early-morning raids. According to the BBC,

Activists reported that IS fighters swept through a string of villages along the south bank of the Khabur river before dawn on Monday. Residents of villages on the north bank fled, with about 3,000 believed to have headed for Hassakeh and Qamishli, another city to the north-east.

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