The War on Festivus

The atheists have lost. It looks like Festivus is only getting bigger — it’s followers are going to steal our thunder as the propagators of the War on Christmas! Most importantly, we can’t compete using our current ways of doing business, says Jon Carroll of the San Francisco Chronicle: (Disappointingly, the atheist “display” [in Olympia, [Read More...]

A Lesson on How Not to Pick Up Atheist Women

A word of advice to religious people: When a woman on a dating website has a profile that mentions her atheism, please, please, please do not respond to her like this guy did to a friend of mine: My God, what’s the world coming to when girls with angelic countenances like yours turn out to [Read More...]

Happy 100th Birthday To…

The Gideon Bible. Long before cable television, spa treatments and eco-friendly soaps and shampoos became staples in hotel rooms, there was the Bible — the Gideon Bible. And the book with the familiar two-handled pitcher and torch on its cover that most guests find inside hotel nightstands doesn’t appear to be going anywhere anytime soon. [Read More...]

Lee Strobel Responds to Your Comments

After Christian apologist Lee Strobel‘s first response to your questions, there were a lot of remarks and rebuttals. Before getting to the next question, Lee wanted to respond to your earlier comments (once again, all hyperlinks were added by me): Wow, my first submission to this site prompted 91 comments the last time I checked. [Read More...]

Evolution Books for Children

This list is making the rounds, but it’s so good, it deserves another plug. Kate Miller of Charlie’s Playhouse has put together a fantastic compilation of evolution books for children (PDF) in honor of Charles Darwin‘s bicentennial. Are there any other books you would recommend for kids to learn about Darwin’s contributions to our understanding [Read More...]