Falwell, Meet Me at Camera Three

Maya over at Masquerade has an entertaining satire of fundamental Christians, from the perspective of someone who believes they’re not fundamental enough. (Garrison Keillor, take some lessons.) An excerpt: We humans sometimes forget our place in the world. We think that we’re just animals like all the other creatures, instead of created in God’s image. [Read More...]

Giving Blood

I mentioned earlier that on May 3rd, the National Day of Prayer, many individual atheists and secular organizations will actually be doing something useful: Donating blood and signing up to be an organ donor. If enough of us can do it, it might even get some positive press. Watch this promotional video from the Rational [Read More...]

Christian Retailing: An Unbelievable Trend

Christian Retailing, the trade journal for the Christian retailing industry, has a surprising story on their front page: To see the full PDF file and to read the accompanying story, click here. Besides talking about I Sold My Soul on eBay, they also mention Jim Henderson’s book, Jim & Casper Go To Church. Some corrections [Read More...]

If You’re on Facebook…

Then be a part of the “I Sold My Soul on eBay” book release! event. As the description reads: This party will occur near your computer. And near computers all over the country. You might be thinking, “Where is everyone? What sort of lame party is this?” But rest assured you will be sharing in [Read More...]

Goodbye Ze Frank!

Saturday is Ze Frank’s last day doing his video podcast. And I’m sad. I didn’t start watching until midway through his one-year project, and now he’s leaving I don’t know who I’m going to watch now when I’m in bed but don’t want to go to sleep. I’ll think of Ze everytime I see a [Read More...]