Help an Atheist on a Reality Show

Have you been watching the ABC reality show “The Glass House“? Me neither. But from what I can gather, it’s basically a Big Brother clone. 14 strangers live in a house. Cameras are on at all times. Viewers decide what they wear, eat, etc. Challenges are involved. Viewers vote on who will be kicked out [Read More…]

Fastest Growing Religious Group in America: The Amish (?!?)

Ohio State University researchers are reporting that the Amish may be one of the fastest growing religious group in America. It’s arguable that that distinction currently belongs to the non-religious: A new census of the Amish population in the United States estimates that a new Amish community is founded, on average, about every 3 ½ [Read More…]

Dutch Millionaire Builds a Replica of Noah’s Ark

One day, the Dutch construction millionaire Johan Huibers had a dream. In his dream his beloved Holland was flooded again. Again? Yes, again. Because Huibers is a Creationist, and thus his dream flood would be the second time the Netherlands was entirely underwater, the first being the Biblical flood. A normal person would wake up [Read More…]

I’ll Play This Game

(via Reddit) [Read more…]

We Weren’t Misquoting Jesus, Only Misinterpreting Him

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