Thanks for the Gift Box

Well, this is very nice of the church to offer… (via nakedpastor) [Read more...]

The Reasonists

Today’s Doonesbury gets you where it hurts: Sad, but true. Though, as more of us demand truth via reason and evidence, the easier it will become to drown out the crazy voices. [Read more...]

Ask Richard: Supplement: Dealing With Religious People Who are Actually Fragile

In a comment on my post, “Dealing With Evangelizers Who Seem Fragile,” Nomad asked a very good question: “Remember, the vulnerability is an illusion.” I don’t think that’s true. Many religious people are very vulnerable. Your suggestions are primarily for dealing with those who are not. So you really haven’t addressed how to deal with [Read More...]

The True Story of Human Development

When I learned about reproduction in Biology, the line explaining sperm vs. egg production was always a joke about “quality vs. quantity.” Now, I know the true story behind that. In fact, we should just remove Biology from school curriculums and replace those classes with this one video. It explains everything we ever needed to [Read More...]

The World of Conservative Christian Homeschooling, Part 2

I’ve been reading a book called Write These Laws on Your Children: Inside the World of Conservative Christian Homeschooling (Beacon Press, August, 2009) by Robert Kunzman. The book is a look at six Christian families and how they homeschool their children. Not every family fits the stereotype I know I have in my mind. Some [Read More...]