You Want to Swap Souls for What…?

[Hemant says: I don’t know what this could *possibly* be in reference to.] [Read more…]

Skepticism: Then and Now

In the May/June 2012 issue of The Humanist, Brian Trent‘s cover story explores “the Forebears and the Vanguards of the New Skepticism”: In an earlier age, skepticism was not so much a movement as a pastime for older, male, upper-crust academics. It was spirited discussion over cigars and brandy. Today, the new skepticism is a [Read More…]

Pastor Tim Keller Tries and Fails to Criticize the New Atheists

Want to know how to refute the likes of Richard Dawkins, Sam Harris, Christopher Hitchens, and Daniel Dennett? … well, you won’t learn how by watching this video featuring Pastor Tim Keller: In a few minutes, he reveals his ignorance in a big way. At no point do any of the New Atheists say that [Read More…]

In Saskatchewan, An Atheist High School Student Tries to Remove Prayer from His Public School’s Graduation

Seriously?! Another post about prayer in Saskatchewan?! At Three Lakes School, the 17 seniors were given the option of voting for what happened before their graduation banquet: 1) Prayer 2) Grace 3) Neither About a third of the students voted for option 3 — which may not be enough to be the leading option — [Read More…]

A Voice of Reason on the ‘Morality’ of God

dogmaticCURE brings together images and music with the words of atheists (in this case, Sam Harris). I’d heard Harris’ remarks before, but paired with these effects, they become even more powerful: Check it out for yourself: [Read more…]