Richard Dawkins’ Take on the Expelled Debacle

You’ve already read PZ Myers‘ take on the Good Friday Fiasco. Now, Richard Dawkins weighs in: The blogs are ringing with ridicule. Mark Mathis, duplicitous producer of the much hyped film Expelled, shot himself in the foot so spectacularly that the phrase might have been invented for him. Goals don’t come more own than this. [Read More...]

Alonzo Fyfe’s Perspective on the Pledge

Alonzo Fyfe, blogger at Atheist Ethicist, has just published a book called A Perspective on the Pledge. It all began with a post of the same name (go check it out — it’s an excellent piece of writing). Now, that post’s arguments are thoroughly fleshed out. There’s much more in the book, though: The story [Read More...]

The Midwest Skeptical Meetup (Recap)

We have officially beaten the Bostonians. Much fun was had (and Guitar Hero games lost) in Chicago last night. It helps that we had an impressive turnout — thanks to all who came! We’ll be doing it again soon enough. Some images from the evening: Best. Shirt. Ever. A close-up: A bit of Guitar Hero: [Read More...]

Faith Healer Needs Help

You know you love it when The Onion mocks faith healers. [tags]atheist, atheism[/tags] [Read more...]

Jesus Rose and This Is What We Get?

I didn’t see this as making fun of the Jesus story as much as it makes a statement about fundamentalist Christianity… (via Mr. Fish) [tags]atheist, atheism[/tags] [Read more...]