Alternatives to Alcoholics Anonymous

One of this blog’s readers sent me an email (slightly edited by me): I received a disturbing phone call from my sister-in-law yesterday about her husband, my brother-in-law. Seems that my bro-in-law is experiencing difficulty with alcoholism, but he is reluctant to attend AA meetings because of their insistence that in order to be successful [Read More...]

Science Writing Contest

For those of you who like essays and cash, Seed and Honeywell are sponsoring an essay contest where entrants answer the following questions: What does it mean to be scientifically literate in the 21st century? How do we measure the scientific literacy of a society? How do we boost it? What is the value of [Read More...]

Not Offensive At All…

The Islamic Adam and Eve, by artist Hamid Bahrami: (Thanks to Logos for the link.) [tags]atheist, atheism, Islam, Christianity, Adam, Eve[/tags] [Read more...]

Part 2: My Day Inside the Creation Museum

After several hours spent at the Rally for Reason, several students and I tried to figure out whether we wanted to go inside the Creation Museum. The upside would be seeing the museum first-hand. The downside would be that Ken Ham would get $20 of our money via the admission cost. (Actually, it was $15 [Read More...]

Part 1: My Day Outside the Creation Museum

I spent the first part of my day at the Rally for Reason protest outside the Creation Museum. The second half was spent inside the museum itself, which was created by the people who run Answers In Genesis (AIG). Here’s the recap. There are a lot of pages of notes, so I tried to condense [Read More...]