You Knew This Was Going to Happen

Fred Phelps’ church is on its way to Minneapolis (PDF) [Westboro Baptist Church] will… picket the funerals of those whom a sovereign God abruptly snatched from the Bridge in Minneapolis and cast into Hell. They’re even more pissed off than usual because people stole their signs the last time…: We know Minneapolis and Minnesota very [Read More...]

Let It All Out

Bill has a simple request: I want everyone to leave a comment giving a reason why you are turned off by Christianity. Don’t be evil. But be honest. (Please leave comments on his site, not this one!) [tags]atheist, atheism, Christian[/tags] [Read more...]

Dad Fights Against Moment of Silence

A long article about a Texas father fighting to remove the moment of silence appeared Monday night in the Dallas Morning News. [David Wallace Croft's] largest fight to date is set to play out in federal district court in Dallas today. He and his wife, Shannon, are suing Gov. Rick Perry and the Carrollton-Farmers Branch [Read More...]

Porn King vs. Porn Pastor

All this week, “porn king” Ron Jeremy (author of The Hardest (Working) Man in Showbiz) is debating porn pastor Craig Gross (founder of, which caters to women who want to leave the porn industry). Tonight, they were in Chicago. And I was in the front row, sitting in front of the Ron Jeremy podium. [Read More...]

Secular Student Alliance’s Director on Freethought Radio

My friend and the Executive Director of the Secular Student Alliance, August Brunsman, was a guest on the Freedom From Religion Foundation’s Freethought Radio over the weekend. Download the show here (MP3)! (August comes in around the 16:00 mark.) The Secular Student Alliance is an umbrella organization for high school and college atheist groups, providing [Read More...]