The Upside to the Rapture

If the Rapture does happen this weekend, at least we have this to look forward to… It’ll all be fun and games… until the rest of us go to Hell. ***Edit***: Cartoon is courtesy of Dan Collins. (via Reddit) [Read more…]

Don’t Play the Lottery

It’s like your Statistics teacher (should have) told you: “The lottery is a tax on dumb people.” Or some variation of that (via Pearls Before Swine) [Read more…]

Putting Together a Godless Funeral

Jon Canter‘s sister Rosemary died of cancer in March. In the last couple months of her life, she told Jon what she wanted her funeral to be like — neither she not Jon believe in a god, so it wasn’t the kind of funeral you’re used to seeing. But I think their decisions would make [Read More…]

What Will Happen Post-Rapture?

Nothing out of the ordinary: (via Doonesbury) [Read more…]

Speaking at the Secular Student Alliance

I can finally announce that I’ll be speaking at the Secular Student Alliance annual conference! It’ll take place July 29th-31st in Columbus, OH, and the lineup is looking amazing… PZ Myers, Dan Barker, Greta Christina, David Silverman, Jen McCreight… And Jessica Ahlquist! (If I could squee, I would.) Edit: More speakers are being announced every [Read More…]