Jesusophile Explains Why He’s Against Gay Marriage

It’s good to see Jesusophile is still alive and well: It gets really good around the 3:15 mark [Read more…]

American Atheists’ Pennsylvania State Director Will Desecrate the Koran if ‘Year of Religious Diversity’ Resolution Isn’t Dropped

***Update 3***: American Atheists’ President Dave Silverman issued this statement to me: AA will not take part in Bible or Koran desecration, although we wish to stress that we have NO respect for so-called ‘holy books’. If Ernest does it, it’s not with our support or under our name. … Well, shit. You all know [Read More…]

That’s One Way to Celebrate the Anniversary of Leaving Seminary

Well, I won’t be getting a tattoo anytime soon (*phew*)… but Dustin Williams got one to mark the fifth anniversary of when he left the seminary: All I can think of when looking at that is “Ouch!”… how the hell do you tattoo people do it?! [Read more…]

Delaware Courts Rule That Ex-Wife’s Alimony Cost Can Be Calculated by Reducing Tithe

We tend to hear about the “free exercise” clause in cases like the Affordable Care Act, where the Catholic Church says it should not be required to provide employees’ insurance coverage for contraception in their non-churchy institutions (like hospitals and universities, for example). One Delaware divorcee recently thought it could apply to her, too — [Read More…]

That’s Not Quite How Natural Selection Works…

You can read the rest of that strip here (via Pearls Before Swine) [Read more…]