Sam Harris Answers Your Questions

Sam Harris, author of The End of Faith, recently did an Ask Me Anything on Reddit. He responded to the highest-rated questions in the video below: I haven’t seen it yet, but if there are any sections we should look at, please leave the timestamp (e.g. 1:22) in the comments! ***Update***: The answers are interesting, [Read More…]

Atheist Billboard in Columbus Gets Relocated

I posted earlier about how Dylan Galos‘ billboard was taken down because it had been placed on church property: The billboard has now been relocated. The billboard… has been relocated to East Main St., west of Alum Creek Dr., facing west. Good — Looks like there’s more traffic in that area, anyway, at least compared [Read More…]

We’re Number One!

According to a new Pew survey of Evangelical Christian leaders, the biggest threat to Evangelical Christianity is… us! Should I break out the party hats? Funny, though. I would’ve said the biggest threat to Evangelical Christianity is their stubbornness when it comes to issues of homosexuality, women’s rights, and science education. While the rest of [Read More…]

Help Save the Secular Students!

They need your support… won’t you consider helping just one child today? If you’d like to make a difference, you can become a Secular Student Alliance member here (or donate directly here). Your generosity will help children like PZ Myers jump higher! [Read more…]

Clearing Up the Confusion Behind the Columbus Church That Took Down an Atheist Billboard

Meredith Heagney at The Columbus Dispatch has a few extra tidbits regarding how the Christ Cathedral Church removed the following harmless billboard from its property because it featured an atheist: First, we have the reaction from church leaders: The Rev. Waymon Malone ordered it removed, said Carolyn Kelley, his mother-in-law. Malone and his wife, Kimberlee, [Read More…]