‘All About Vaccines’ Charity Event to Take Place in Okanagan, British Columbia

The folks at CFI-Okanagan (Canada) are hosting an event to educate their community about the importance of vaccines, and 100% of the proceeds from the event will go to the International AIDS Vaccine Initiative. The event takes place on April 22nd, all the information you need is right here, and you should buy your tickets [Read More…]

Sam Harris Talks About Free Will

Sam Harris spoke about the topic of his new book, Free Will, at Caltech recently and there’s video of the talk: As always, if you notice a particularly great clip, leave the timestamp and summary in the comments! [Read more…]

Church Logic: Free Preschool Means the Government Is Anti-Christian

So I’m reading Lori Gilbert‘s excellent article about the Stockton Area Atheists and Free Thinkers and she mentions the reason one of the SAAFT members finally got fed up with her Christian church and left the faith…: Others, including some members who asked not to be identified because of intolerance against those who don’t believe [Read More…]

Ich Bin Ein Polynomial

The Oatmeal has posted a follow-up to his last cartoon about atheism: No wonder people hate math so much… (via Atheist in a Mitten) [Read more…]

This is Our National Holiday, Right?

Considering how many Christians looooooove to point out that April Fools Day is an atheists’ holiday — They believe in reason and logic and science?! Fools… — I suppose it makes sense to hold the Reason Rally and Rock Beyond Belief events so close to it… [Read more…]