That’s What You Call “Taking It In Stride”?

Here’s a news story about the Big Apple Coalition for Reason atheist ad campaign. There’s nothing overly special about it, but reader Anna noticed some interesting juxtaposition: At the beginning of the clip, the anchor says, “People we talked to took the ad in stride.” A couple seconds later, the man being interviewed says, “… [Read More...]

I Need to Go to the Next TAM…

So, this is how it works: 1) Go to The Amazing Meeting. 2) Get married. I thought it was just Rebecca who got married at James Randi’s convention, but behind the scenes, Kate was also working her magic. She gently breaks the news to the rest of us: … Remember how I went to TAM7 [Read More...]

Does Your Family Read Your Blog?

True story: Last weekend, I was showing my dad a couple of the articles about the ChicagoCor Atheist Billboard. His reaction was, “Do you realize your name is now associated with atheism?!” Umm… My family knows about this website and my activism, but they don’t read it and we rarely talk about it. I can’t [Read More...]

Another Atheist Billboard is Vandalized

A billboard put up by the Freedom From Religion Foundation was defaced yesterday: FFRF is offering a $1,000 reward to anyone who has information about the vandal that could lead to the person’s arrest. This is a hate crime directed both at the nonreligious and at gays — it’s a perversion of our message honoring [Read More...]

Can You Be Good Without (Belief in) God?

The On Faith blog asked panelists to comment on the questions: Is there good without God? Can people be good without God? How can people be good, in the moral and ethical sense, without being grounded in some sort of belief in a being which is greater than they are? Where do concepts such as [Read More...]