Be More Ethical

Last week, I visited Baltimore to speak to the UMBC Secular Student Alliance. Members of some of the local groups were there and the people from the Baltimore Ethical Society were kind enough to give me a t-shirt before I left: Clever, no? [Read more…]

Open Thread

I’m a bit swamped with life/work today, so consider this an open thread! Regular blogging will commence soon. We’ll make it a happy one Tell us about the happiest time of your life! (Excluding weddings, birth of children, what you did late last night, and other obvious ones.) [Read more…]

How Religion Works

Here’s a helpful, humorous primer on religion, courtesy of MisterSharp: There’s a lot more sarcasm where that came from, too (Thanks to Lisa for the link!) [Read more…]

I Know That Song…

They sing it every week at church: From my experience, that’s pretty accurate. Just for the hell of it, I searched for a website with popular Christian song lyrics. I found a list of lyrics. The first one I clicked on was this. This was the second. Maybe there are more complex lyrics somewhere, but [Read More…]

The Quick History of the Universe

If the Christianists in Tennessee get to teach Creationism in public schools, then it’s only fair that all churches should be required to play this fantastic TED Talk. In it, David Christian presents “a complete history of the universe”: It starts to get good at the 4:00 mark. (Thanks to Eli for the link!) [Read more…]