Chick-fil-A’s Latest Fail: Fake Facebook Supporters?

How low can Chick-fil-A go? Low enough to create a fake Facebook profile in a sad attempt to bolster its reputation online, apparently. (Click image to enlarge.) As Chick-fil-A struggles to stay afloat in the aftermath of its CEO Dan Cathy denouncing marriage equality and the Jim Henson Co. cutting ties to the company, Gizmodo [Read More…]

A Touching Letter to the Boy Scouts of America

Former Eagle Scout Douglas Woodhouse posted this picture on his Facebook page.  He sent this letter and his Eagle Scout medal back to the Boy Scouts of America in protest of their discriminatory policies.  It is really very lovely and well worth a read: I, personally, loved this part: “No one remembers how efficient the Montgomery public transit [Read More…]

‘Mitt Romney: A Hero in My Mind’

William Tapley, the Phallic Symbols Guy from 2011, has written Mitt Romney‘s campaign song! (The Romney campaign did not get back to me when I submitted my suggestion.) I literally love it more than anything: Whoa, whoa, whoa! Cried the eagle to the world below. Wake up friend! Can’t you see we’re at the end? Wars and [Read More…]

Steubenville, Ohio City Logo No Longer Includes a Christian Cross

While we’re talking about city logos with churches in them, here’s a success story: This used to be the logo for Steubenville, Ohio: After the Freedom From Religion Foundation said the cross was a no-no (PDF), the city responded by reverting back to their old logo until they get a new replacement: “We’re pleased with [Read More…]

Chicago Alderman Says Chick-fil-A Is Not Welcome In His Ward

A couple days ago, I wrote about how Chick-fil-A CEO Dan Cathy affirmed his anti-gay marriage stance, and about the backlash that was created.  For instance, August 3rd is being declared National Same-Sex Kiss Day at Chick-fil-A. There were a few responses from readers saying “I don’t get the point of this — you’re not going [Read More…]