Support Jennifer in the Blogathon

Jennifer is going to participate in a Blogathon next Saturday. She will be blogging for 24 hours straight, posting something new every 30 minutes. The purpose of the Blogathon is to raise money for a non-profit cause of the blogger’s choosing, and Jennifer has decided that all the money she earns will be donated to [Read More...]

Asking the Imaginary Man in Sky for Help

Thanks go to The Onion: Weakling President Asks Imaginary Man In Sky To Bless Nation WASHINGTON — In a display of weakness unbecoming a head of state, President Barack Obama concluded remarks to his nation Tuesday by asking a pretend man who lives in the clouds to watch over and guide the United States. “Thank [Read More...]

Randal Rauser is Wrong Again

Christian theology professor Randal Rauser messed up his characterization of atheists last week. He tried again this week. Once again, he failed. So here are my top three pet peeves when it comes to atheist assumptions about Christian beliefs. First, atheists often assume that Christians are committed to one specific concept of biblical inspiration and [Read More...]

Invisible Atheists Keep Jesus Out of Pennsylvania House

No atheist or church/state separation group is directly involved in this story. But the fact that such groups exist is a major part of it. In the Pennsylvania House of Representatives, Rep. Will Tallman asked his pastor Rev. Gerry Stoltzfoos to deliver a “non-denominational prayer” to open the House’s legislative session. Stoltzfoos submitted a draft [Read More...]

A Contest: Pick a Name for the “Convert-the-Atheist” Game Show

By now, you’ve heard of the Turkish game show where religious figures from different faiths (priest, rabbi, Imam, etc.) try to convert a group of atheists. The show is called Penitents Compete (Tovbekarlar Yarisiyor in Turkish). British magazine The Week is running a contest. They want you to answer the following question: If an American [Read More...]