Ronald Reagan’s Unsuccessful Attempt to Convert Mikhail Gorbachev

In an article in The Wall Street Journal, James Mann talks about how President Ronald Reagan once tried to convince Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev that there was a God. Gorbachev was an atheist (though he had been baptized as a child). It’s an excerpt from Mann’s new book The Rebellion of Ronald Reagan: A History [Read More...]

The Rise of the Godless

***Update***: The article is now available as a free PDF through the Secular Coalition for America. … A couple months ago, I was at a board meeting for the Secular Coalition for America. There was a reporter who sat in on a bit of our meeting, who asked us questions, spoke to group members individually, [Read More...]

Illinois’ Mandatory Moment of Silence Bill Is Just Prayer in Disguise

This story never fades. Last year, Illinois passed a Mandatory Moment of Silence and Prayer Act. After being sued, it was changed it a Voluntary Moment of Silence bill. Even that version was struck down as a “sham” by a judge. That’s old news. Now, Attorney General Lisa Madigan (a possible candidate to be the [Read More...]

Man Evolved from Turtles

Kate Beaton explains Charles Darwin‘s original theory of evolution. And if a cartoon says so, then it *must* be true. (via Bookslut) [Read more...]

Islamic Bus Ads in San Francisco

Well, I guess the atheist bus ad strategy is catching on. Though someone was definitely not thinking strategically in this case. Not only are there now bus ads for Islam, they’re appearing on buses in San Francisco… Two immediate thoughts: First of all, I better not hear of any atheist protesting those signs being allowed [Read More...]