The Humanist Wedding

Reader Bjorn recently got married! (He’s the dapper fellow on the right in the pic below.) He and his wife Jeannette had a Humanist wedding ceremony in all of its aspects, and he has now helpfully written about his experience, which I suspect may be helpful to a number of you who want to do [Read More...]

Why We Need to Teach Evolution

Olivia Judson has a simple but effective op-ed in The New York Times about why evolution must be taught in Biology classes (and not Intelligent Design/Creationism): In these arguments [of evolution versus ID/Creationism], evolution is treated as an abstract subject that deals with the age of the earth or how fish first flopped onto land. [Read More...]

These Things May Go Together…

First, a picture of churches in North Carolina: We found this mildly interesting — a row of three churches, all the same denomination (Baptist), in western North Carolina. The congregation continued to grow over a period where a larger church was needed, and the old one kept operating until the new one was completed. The [Read More...]

How Are Various Religious Groups Voting?

The Barna Group just released their latest survey about how various religious and non-religious people will be voting. Only Evangelical Christians swing John McCain‘s way and even they’re dropping like flies. The current number of 61% of them voting for McCain used to be at 78%. Among self-identified Evangelicals, McCain’s lead is within the ±3.2% [Read More...]

Use Your Gravatar

Hi all. You can now use Gravatars on this site when you make a comment. If that last sentence made no sense, here’s a detailed explanation of what they are and how you can get one. They’re not necessary, but we would be able to catch a glimpse of what you look like! [Read more...]