Baby Droppings

What is up with crazy superstitious Indian parents putting their babies in harm’s way?! First they threw their children to the snakes. Now, they’re throwing them off a tall building. The video is highly disturbing. Muslims in western India have been observing a bizarre ritual – they’ve been throwing their young children off a tall [Read More...]

The Brown Phenomenon

A number of years ago, a high school senior wrote to the Secular Student Alliance. He was heading to Brown University in the fall and he was hoping to start a group for non-religious students. Of course, the SSA wanted to help him. Our Executive Director, August Brunsman, told him to contact us again when [Read More...]

Video of the Military Atheists

Jeremy Hall and Mikey Weinstein have been getting incredible press coverage lately regarding their story of Evangelical Christian military proselytization and the harassment Jeremy faced as a result of being an atheist. Ever since The New York Times wrote about him, it’s been non-stop. You can catch the videos of their recent appearances on the [Read More...]

Why Buy the Cow…?

If you go to Ted Haggard‘s old haunts at New Life Church in Colorado Springs, you might be able to learn a valuable lesson from Pastor Brady Boyd: While charismatic evangelical ministers often speak prophetically, Boyd said he is attempting to empower his entire congregation to hear God and foresee their future paths. Boyd, who [Read More...]

Separation of Church and Plate

Stephen Colbert on Florida’s Christian license plates: (Thanks to Matthew for the link!) [tags]atheist, atheism[/tags] [Read more...]