Utah Atheists Get Positive Press

When even the local news in Utah is reporting that atheists are growing in number and does a positive story on them, you know things are going our way. KUTV in Salt Lake City did a story on the American Religious Identification Survey, which stated that atheists are on the rise in every single state: [Read More...]

How to Prevent Soldier Suicides? Christianity, Says Military

Just read the first paragraph of this article and you’ll see yet another problem with the U.S. military: A recent edition of the U.S. Army’s suicide prevention manual advises military chaplains to promote “religiosity,” specifically Christianity, as a way to deter distraught soldiers from committing suicide, which in recent months, according to one veterans advocacy [Read More...]

Give Him Your Money So You Can Be Debt-Free

Did you know Benny Hinn is still around? (Don’t remember which televangelist he is? He’s this one.) His latest act involves helping you get out of debt! (What a nice guy!) How will he make this happen? All you have to do is pray. And give him money, of course, as a “seed.” It’s time [Read More...]

Out of the Wardrobe

The National is an English language newspaper published in Abu Dhabi. Reporter Gretchen Peters wrote an for it about how “coming out” can be an ordeal for atheists and agnostics. Chalmer Wren, vice president of the atheist society at the Metropolitan State College in Denver, was chatting on the group’s website with a fundamentalist Christian [Read More...]

Do Religious People Make Better Citizens?

Harvard University professor Robert Putnam has a new book coming out next year: “American Grace: How Religion is Reshaping our Civic and Political Lives.” Bits and pieces of the book’s revelations have been coming out — most notably at a recent conference hosted by the Pew Forum on Religion & Public Life. Last week, we [Read More...]