Support an Atheist Comedian

Larry Brand (the producer of Assume The Position, with Robert Wuhl) is currently interviewing atheists for an upcoming documentary on the “atheist movement” in America. One of his stops will be at The Hollywood Improv, where atheist comedian Keith Lowell Jensen is performing Thursday night. It would be cool to have like-minded people in the [Read More...]

A Poll on “In God We Trust” at the Capital Visitor Center

As I mentioned earlier, FFRF is suing over the “In God We Trust” plaque being engraved in the new Capitol Visitor Center. The South Florida Sun-Sentinel ran an absurd letter today by Antonio Fins, a man who wants to see the words engraved into the CVC and who doesn’t even understand the irony of his [Read More...]

Dan Savage Answers Sex Questions from Religious Readers

This week, Dan Savage takes on sex questions from religious readers (or about religious family members). This is fun. I enjoyed this response excerpt in particular: … just remind yourself that things have been crawling on top of each other and madly humping away for 850 million years. Sex came first, then humanity (200,000ish years [Read More...]

Christian Group Angry That ACLU Is Defending… a Christian Group

It’s no surprise that the Religious Right isn’t a fan of the ACLU. But now, a Christian Right group is attacking the ACLU for supporting… another Christian Right group. Merrilee Carlson, the President of Families United For Our Troops and Their Mission (I don’t think they mean your families, though, you heathen scum), sent out [Read More...]

Notes to a Christian Professor

It’s always nice to see Christians and atheists (and others) reaching out to each other to have conversations about religion and the nature of God. But don’t do it the way Christian theology professor Randal Rauser does it. Some advice to him is below. Tip #1) Don’t begin a note to atheists like this: I [Read More...]