There’s Finally a Billboard Up in Los Angeles Criticizing Scientology’s “Disconnection” Policy

Back in February, I posted about an anti-Scientology billboard that was supposed to go up in Los Angeles. It criticized the idea of Disconnection — the idea that current Scientologists can have no meaningful contact with ex-Scientologists, even within their own families.


Unfortunately, the billboard company Outfront Media canceled its contract with former Scientologist Phil Jones. It was canceled on a technicality involving the artwork, but it’s hard to believe the message itself (and how it would upset powerful local Scientologists) had nothing to do with it.

Another billboard company, Regency Outdoor, also refused to put it up.

But none of that matters now, since Lamar Media finally accepted the money.

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To Many Christians, Being Hated For Being Jerks Is Just Proof That They’re Right

That’s kind of an unfriendly headline for Friendly Atheist, isn’t it?

I blame my old friend Benjamin Corey, an Anabaptist preacher and writer (and no, friend is not used sarcastically here).

He just put his finger on something that’s been bugging me for a while.


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Naturopaths Shouldn’t Be Allowed to Treat Children

After the death of a toddler due to negligent parents who offered him naturopathic remedies when he needed serious medical help, health-policy experts in Alberta are wondering whether alternative medicine practitioners should be prevented from treating children.

(Spoiler: Absolutely.)

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My Eye-Opening Week at Camp Quest

Let me be upfront with you: I volunteered for Camp Quest because I love the outdoors and because I like kids. I didn’t do it because I thought it would be a life-changing experience for them (or, for that matter, me). After all, it was just a week-long summer camp. How much can change in so little time?

For readers who may not understand why Camp Quest is so important — and I was one of those people before volunteering there — I’d like to share with you my experience in the hopes that you will see the importance of this organization and why it needs (and quite frankly deserves) your support.


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A Horrifying New Case of Islamophobia? Nah, Just Another Attention-Seeking Hoaxer

Recently, a Middle Eastern woman claimed to be slashed on the face in an apparent hate crime. Now we know she was making it all up.

Why would anyone make something like that up?


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