The Gap Between Sight and Sound

Here’s a neat video about the connection between sight and sound — and why there’s a delay.


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The New President of the British Humanist Association Talks About Being an Asian Atheist

Writing for New Humanist, Ariane Sherine has an enlightening interview with Shappi Khorsandi, the new President of the British Humanist Association:


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Christian Pseudo-Historian David Barton Can’t Decide Whether or Not He Has a Ph.D.

Does Christian pseudo-historian David Barton have a Ph.D.?

If you look at his biography, it simply says he has an “Honorary Doctorate of Letters from Pensacola Christian College,” but anyone could tell you that’s not at all the equivalent of a Ph.D. It’s an award, nothing more. Barton didn’t earn the doctorate.

Barton’s only real degree is a bachelor’s in Christian education from Oral Roberts University.

But he was very confused on TheDove TV’s “Focus Today” show last week when he admitted he didn’t have a Ph.D. before immediately contradicting himself and saying he did.


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New Hampshire Lawmaker Says Pope Francis is the Anti-Christ

Pope Francis pissed off no small amount of people last week when he appeared to critique Donald Trump‘s wall proposal as being not particularly Christian. Conservative politicians across the board rebuked the religious leader, but some were more intense than others.


Take, for instance, New Hampshire State Rep. Susan DeLemus. A Republican and avid Trump supporter, DeLemus had shared snippets of scripture on Facebook. When someone else brought up the recent comments from the Pope, her now-deleted response was definitive:

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Marco Rubio’s Prostitution Comments Could Come Back to Haunt Him

Marco Rubio has fought hard to frame himself as a steward of conservative Christian values. He cares so much about the subject that his passion has overwhelmed his circuit board and caused him to glitch out. But a recent comment in Nevada may strike a blow to that image.


Rubio was asked if he would make prostitution a federal crime, and his answer may not sit well with the Religious Right.

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