Alabama’s “Family Values” Governor Sought God’s Forgiveness for Cheating. So It’s All Good Now

Remember Robert Bentley, the “family values” governor of Alabama whose extramarital activities recently came to light?

When a recording surfaced of a 2014 conversation in which Bentley told a woman (not, for the record, his wife, who recently filed for divorce after fifty years of marriage) how much he loved touching her breasts, it put to rest the whole notion that Bentley was the “family values” guy he had always claimed to be. The anti-gay crusader, it seems, was only fired up about preserving marriage in the sense of denying it to other people, not depriving himself of extramarital dalliances.


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Tennessee Sheriff Defends His Easter Day Proselytizing on Department’s Facebook Page

There’s no problem with government officials saying “Merry Christmas” because it’s just acknowledging what members of the community believe. And we’ve seen that courts won’t budge if a fire department chief puts “In God We Trust” signs on all the vehicles because judges consider it a generic message and not promotion of religion.

But what the Bradley County Sheriff’s Office in Cleveland, Tennessee did on its Facebook page isn’t even ambiguous. On Easter, Sheriff Eric Watson posted this:


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After Unitarian Universalists Sign Pact with Anti-Atheist Boy Scouts, UU Humanists Are Pushing Back

Last week, I posted about how the Unitarian Universalist Association had once again joined forces with the Boy Scouts of America. The UUA had cut all ties with the Scouts in 1998 due to its anti-atheist and anti-gay bigotry, but since the BSA is finally accepting of gay scouts and scout leaders, they figured now is the time to reconcile.

The problem is that the BSA still doesn’t allow openly atheist scouts to be part of their organization. So why is the UUA — which prides itself on being inclusive — lending its support to an organization that will kick boys out for being atheists?


Yesterday, the UUHA (the Humanist wing of the UUA) issued a public statement on the matter, responding to what Morales said. It’s clear that members of the UUHA are furious at their parent organization’s decision.

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Connecticut Man Who Shot Up Ahmadi Mosque Goes Back For Forgiveness — and Receives It

It’s not every day that we have a happy story involving religion, so buckle up and enjoy.

Last November 13, Ted A. Hakey Jr., of Meridan, Connecticut, drank himself into a place of darkness, angrily contemplating the evil that Islamic terrorists had just inflicted on hundreds of innocent Parisians.

It was two in the morning when the retired Marine committed a brazen and violent act himself: he grabbed a high-powered rifle and fired an unspecified number of rounds at the neighboring Baitul Aman mosque. Nobody was hurt, but there was glass damage and walls full of holes. It’s easy to imagine what the volley of bullets did to the peace of mind of neighbors and Muslim worshipers alike.


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Tennessee Legislature Passes Bill Making the Holy Bible the Official State Book

Tennessee legislators, sticking a big middle finger in the face of their non-Christian constituents, have voted to make the Bible the official state book.


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